broadcast: The opening of the contemporary avant-garde art exhibition

2022-08-22 06:02

The strong lines of rice paper extend infinitely on the three-dimensional geometric surface, and the anxious line and surface are full of pure life and vitality; romance is like purple and tranquility is like blue, and the young girl’s youth is poured on the graceful white dress of the silhouette; fragments of light and shadow, It seems true and illusion, which involves a girl’s dream journey related to time... or abstract avant-garde, or romantic figurative, piece by piece of art is placed in a patchwork of pure white and transparent art space, following Guangzhou After the first stop, "broadcast: Contemporary Avant-Garde Art Exhibition" officially opened the tour of Shanghai. This art exhibition will be held to the public on the 3F Golden Avenue in Shanghai Superbrand Plaza for a week (September 16 to September 22, 2013), presenting the broadcast intellectually to all visitors: the taste and taste of "sticking to all good things" style. "Broadcast: Broadcast Dialogue Contemporary Avant-Garde Art Exhibition" invited 10 contemporary Chinese avant-garde artists to collide with 10 classic pieces of the brand for inspiration. The artistic creation involves modern ink painting, oil painting, illustration, sculpture, installation art, paper cutting, video, music, etc. In different fields, the "10×10 artistic effect" created by broadcast cross-border has been perfectly interpreted. On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, more than 50 broadcast:Broadcast girls dressed in branded costumes brought an elegant and intellectual modern dance flash mob. While sending Mid-Autumn Festival blessings, they announced the broadcast: Broadcast all the way with a novel performance art. The artistic style that has always been adhered to.

The original intention of the curatorial exhibition: To commemorate time, and also to broadcast: to broadcast artistic self-interpretation

Broadcast: Since its inception, broadcast has always adhered to the brand concept of "sticking to all beautiful things" and conveying its innate artistic characteristics. Time flies, what she left to China is an indelible mark of fashion. In the vast way of expressing emotions, only art can meet the past time, re-evoke the emotions scattered in the past, fall in the eyes and touch the heart. "Broadcast: Broadcasting Dialogue Contemporary Avant-Garde Art Exhibition", in the name of art, interprets the beauty of time, restoring the time that has passed by, and the time that has not changed with Vince; at the same time, it also broadcasts broadcast: self from the perspective of art The interpretation has risen to the extreme, that is, the persistence of beautiful things, the pursuit of artistic temperament, and a clear understanding of self-assertion. "Broadcast: Broadcasting and Dialogue Contemporary Avant-Garde Art Exhibition" brings together a series of poetic artistic language. It is dedicated to presenting an increasingly self-independent and independent female charm, allowing women to immerse themselves in art, but they don’t have to be artists. The beauty is more elegant and intellectual blooming.

Conversation Pioneer: Demonstrating the power of women Interpreting broadcast: broadcasting the brand spirit

Avant-garde art is an in-depth touch of the present and a thorough interpretation of the spirit of the world. It has an incisive edge and the power to penetrate life. Avant-garde art has refused to be superficial and pretentious since its inception, while broadcast: from the beginning to the end preached a female consciousness loyal to oneself. The purity of the former and the thinking of returning to the essence of the latter are the reasons why broadcast joins hands with contemporary avant-garde artists, and it has also achieved the tone of "broadcast: broadcast dialogue contemporary avant-garde art exhibition". The series of artworks exhibited this time are filled with profound thoughts such as these: Artists may use abstract oil paintings to explore the derivative meaning of time and existence; or use the combination of piano sound and electronic sound to compose the transformation of women... With their breakthrough artistic vision and avant-garde artistic tentacles, they created artistic works with strong experimental colors, showing the artistic diversity of broadcast: broadcasting, and perfectly releasing the powerful force contained in the female soul.

Cross-border creation: 10×10 artistic effect

"Broadcast: Broadcast Dialogue Contemporary Avant-Garde Art Exhibition" brought together 10 talented representatives of contemporary avant-garde artists, who come from different professions and different nationalities, and have unique insights and achievements in their respective fields. broadcast: Select 10 classic brand items and cooperate with 10 contemporary avant-garde artists. Through the inspiration of different art forms, broadcast: broadcast the inherent artistic characteristics of multiple angles. The works exhibited this time cover a variety of forms including modern Chinese painting, oil painting, illustration, sculpture, installation, paper-cutting, video, music, etc., under the name of "10×10 artistic effect", intended to be passed on to broadcast: broadcast lovers A sense of art beyond 100%.

"Broadcast: Broadcast Dialogue Contemporary Avant-Garde Art Exhibition" Artists and Works Introduction:

1. Zhu Haiyun × broadcast:

Zhu Haiyun was born in Shanghai on October 20, 1951, Zhai Mingwangxian Pavilion, and he is the one who is alone outside the cloud. He is currently a member of the Jiangsu Branch of the Chinese Artists Association, a director of the Nantong Artists Association, a professional painter, and currently resides in Nantong to engage in contemporary art creation.

The name of the work: "线"

Work specifications: 60*150*4cm

"Line" is the basic element of all clothing production except fur. This work uses "heart language deconstruction art" to deconstruct the fissile deconstruction of rice paper out of ink and use the linear vision of the deconstructed rice paper to highlight the charm of the new era. Both the imagery and abstraction in the work are refreshing.

The works are displayed in the form of installations, especially the use of natural rice paper threads and white linen cloth to make the broadcast: broadcast white dresses displayed in streamlined fabrics more holy, pure and full of vitality, giving people unlimited reverie. Only originality, unprecedented and unprecedented, can be called perfect.

2. Ishikawa × broadcast: broadcast

Ishikawa, a native of Guangzhou, a pioneer product designer and curator; received a master's degree from Central Saint Martins College of Art in the United Kingdom. He has been engaged in industrial design for nearly 20 years. In 2005, he won the British D&AD "Global Student of the Year Award" and the No. One is a representative of the new generation of Chinese design power.

Title of Work: "播之趣"

Work specifications: 120*100cm

Ishikawa believes that good ideas come from the details of life, which is to restore to life with a normal heart, and bring out the good side of life. Broadcast: Broadcasting is also to convey the idea of ​​"sticking to all good things", expressing the strong heart of intellectual urban women. Ishikawa designed an original dress in the fall of 2012 based on broadcast: a "horse horse" with lace patterns.

The "Shenma" shape is part of Ishikawa's "beverage bottle recycling and transformation plan". Ishikawa has been committed to the artistic work of "turning waste into beauty" for a long time, thus creating DIY artworks with gold and jade and waste products as materials. The works he designed have a kind of return to innocence and childishness, and also printed the broadcast: broadcasting women's hearts. Full of childlike side and the brand's consistent environmental protection proposition.

3. Soup buckle into × broadcast: broadcast

Tang Koucheng, a native of Shanghai, a paper-cutting artist. He is currently the deputy director of the Office of the Folk Art Research Institute of the Shanghai Sino-foreign Culture and Art Exchange Association, and a member of the Heilongjiang Folk Paper-cutting Association. In particular, he has conducted a comprehensive study and in-depth research on the paper-cutting art of various major schools in China. Tangkoucheng loves paper-cutting and calligraphy, and his paper-cutting works are magnificent and exquisite. His representative works "Peach Blossom", "Bao Duck Channeling Lotus", "Demolition", "Animation Comics", etc. have been permanently collected by international friends.

The name of the work: "Cutting the Mood"

Work specifications: 60*60cm

Paper-cutting, an ancient Chinese art type;

Lace, an eye-catching element from the beginning of Western fashion.

When the ancient and the modern dialogue,

When China is in dialogue with the world,

When an intellectual girl talks with broadcast:

Inspiration bursts out, art overflows.

4. Huang Wei × broadcast: broadcast

Huang Wei, born in Guangzhou, is a well-known emerging domestic illustrator. She graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2005, majoring in multimedia, and is currently a visiting professor at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. His creative illustrations have appeared on the 10-page fashion topic of "ELLE". Huang Wei, one of the queen illustrators of "City Pictorial", has collaborated with Zhou Xun and Wang Luodan.

The name of the work: "花见"

Work specifications: 220*100cm

The work uses a combination of live-action photos and illustrations. A girl in a broadcast: broadcast costume is lying on horseback while the other two girls are sitting, matching loose, a little elegant clothing from the broadcast: broadcast oriental chapter. The illustrations are based on landscapes and dreams, showing the charm of oriental women and expressing women's courage to pursue love and dreams.

5.Gabriel Munguia× broadcast: broadcast

Born in San Diego, California, USA, living in Shanghai for a long time. He obtained a double bachelor's degree in art from Saint Olaf University in the United States and the University of Hong Kong. Later, he went to China to study with Mr. Chen Yifei, the most influential painter in contemporary China, and he began his artistic career and grew into the enviable young man today. artist.

The name of the work: "Invisible Time"

Work specifications: 200*200cm

The evolution of time,

Cracks in existence, brings ugliness,

But it also shapes the ultimate beauty.

From sunrise to moonlit night, from morning light to dusk, or the arrival of new life,

As long as we pursue the truth, time can bring joy to our eyes.

When we open our arms to enjoy our true desires and happiness,

Our soul is still full of awe.

6. Candy Cat × broadcast: broadcast

The only Chinese mainland illustrator who became the agent of POCKO, a British creative visual exhibition agency.

Title of Work: "The Journey"

Work specifications: 30*30cm

The works of Candy Cat are usually very imaginative, colorful and full of vitality. This time she painted her representative image of a girl on broadcast: broadcast classic big-toed shoes. The image of the girl is both innocent and precocious and elegant. The pattern of stripes and mosaic background is full of elements of oriental totems, giving the implicit oriental temperament a warm and unrestrained personality expression, with a profound charm.

7.Evelina Gospodinova × broadcast: broadcast

Born in Bulgaria, she began to learn classical piano at an early age and became interested in painting. In 2002, he majored in philosophy at Washington and Lee University in the United States, dedicated to studying the boundaries between dreams, cognition and reality.

The name of the work: "Sound of Wizard"

Work specifications: 80*180cm

Evelina Gospodinova presents the ideal world of women in her work on the white dress on broadcast. broadcast: The broadcasted women have a lot of similarities with the female images in her works: they are extraordinary, strong, pursuing dreams, working hard to realize their dreams, exuding a natural and mysterious atmosphere, and their inner world is like their slender body. Great energy. They are artists full of life, dreams and ideals.

8. Zhang Qiang × broadcast:

Zhang Qiang, a modern sculptor, graduated from the postgraduate class of the Academy of Fine Arts of Shanghai University in 2003. His main works include "Roots" selected in "Shanghai Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Yan'an Symposium", "Blooming" selected in the "2002 Shanghai Urban Sculpture" Annual Calendar and "Tian" "Jia Sixie and Wang Zhen" are placed on the Knowledge Avenue in Shanghai Oriental Land.

Title of Work: "Oriental Girl in a Skirt"

Work specifications: 100*80*190cm

Chinese classical painting pays attention to "knowing the white and keeping the black", the designer and the clothes dance against each other, and the sculptor melts them into one. The ratio of water to soil is different, and the contact with the hand produces different texture marks. Under the action of light, the vision will be far and near. The "girl on the ball" in Picasso's blue period put on a broadcast: broadcast skirt and reshaped it through the soil.

9. Gao Ling × broadcast:

Currently living in Shanghai as a cross-border artist, her work mixes all-inclusive media such as vision, photography, installation, and performance. She closely examines the so-called "commonality" in daily life and makes bizarre and humorous interventions and resets. Challenge people's relationship with "Mediocre".

Title of Work: "Broadcasting Girl in Time"

Work specifications: video

The work embodies the beauty of broadcast: the condensed time of the broadcast brand through the precipitation of time. These time fragments are like infinite refraction lenses, seemingly true and illusion, as if they are pulling this unpredictable, about light, color, feathers, the universe and the time dream journey of a girl in a broadcast: broadcast costume, much like Another space in the dream.

10. Zhu Linlei × broadcast: broadcast

A rare all-round musician with a combination of creation and performance, a solid classical music foundation, and at the same time, he can walk in modern, electronic, film music and animation music and other different music styles and try various kinds of music. Cross-border music talent.

The name of the work: "播之小调•光华"

Work specifications: piano solo, electronic mixing

A musical sketch of piano and electronic band. What the piano shows in this piece is the characteristics shared by broadcast: girls: unparalleled feminine charm, gentle as water, alert and independent, atmospheric and sensual, and other outstanding qualities of modern women. Electronics represent the swing of the clock and the passage of time. In the different life stages of each woman, we need a moment to recall the beauty of the passing time; we also need a little time to imagine the future.

Art accumulates in time, creating eternal beauty; fashion, flowing in time, has never stopped the pursuit of beauty. "Broadcast: Broadcasting Dialogue Contemporary Avant-Garde Art Exhibition" allows art and fashion to blend at this moment, so that the persistence of beauty can be passed down along the way.

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