Buy 16 berets in one go! Why is Satomi Ishihara so beautiful?

2022-08-01 17:17


In fact, the thing is like this: Ten Yuan went to Spain to record a travel program "Ishihara さとみのすっぴん Travel insペイン" , and this trip, except for a staff lady who followed the whole process, only Ten Yuan was alone to open her own. Su Yan romantic journey~

At the beginning, I greeted everyone warmly, and I was infected by her smile. I would probably be very happy to travel with her~

On the first day, I basically walked around very relaxed, and Miss Shi Yuan really likes to walk. She can walk more than 10,000 steps almost every day. I am very happy to have such idol fans. After all, I met you on the road. There are many opportunities, and the young lady will only wear a pair of glasses to disguise

Through this trip, I found that the young lady really likes seasonings . I found a Granel bilbao store by chance. After confirming that the price is relatively cheap, I started a shopping spree. As a result, I spent more than an hour in the seasoning store. .

People who like seasonings must have a crazy love for food, so all kinds of food photos are sent. PS: The best way to find local food for ten yuan is to directly ask the hotel staff (regardless of whether you live in this store or not, you can ask when you pass by), it is indeed very convenient and reliable~

I also went to San Sebastian, which can be said to be the world's first food town. There are eleven restaurants with stars alone. I really have no resistance to these delicacies~

Only the food and the beautiful scenery can't live up to it~

Perhaps the beauty of travel is the realization of all the good things. But for most people, what should be brought with them when traveling is the most distressing, let’s take a look at the suitcase of ten yuan:

What catches the eye is a very conspicuous pair of playing cards (playing with friends is also a way to relax), as well as skin care and bath products packed in small bottles, which are more convenient to take out. Finally, as an actress, it is also necessary to be delicate, and various small jewelry are also indispensable.

And Ten Yuan is also eager to share with you the essential items in your suitcase: a pair of high heels . Wear a pair of sneakers when you go out in the morning, and wear high heels for dinner at night. It's really exquisite~

Of course, the travel routine of beauty girls is buybuybuy! In addition to seasonings, the most bought for ten yuan is berets. This "Gorostiaga" is an old hat shop founded in 1857. In fact, berets are said to have originated in the Basque Country where Bilbao is located. So it is also called Basque Bailey .

A big wave of berets are coming, and you can change them every day during your travels

Yes, some things can be done just because they like it, such as buying berets madly~

beret is so good

I have to say that Ishihara Satomi has brought the beret trend again. After watching her show, I really have the urge to buy a variety of colors of berets~ Although everyone thinks it looks good because of the face, but Beret Thunder hats do have a temperament in themselves.

In fact, the beret is a kind of military cap without a brim made for the army at the beginning . The early angular design is very heroic, so many armies in the world have regarded it as part of the uniform since the 20th century. The army is a French Alpine combat force in the early 1880s, and the general army beret is inclined to the right at the top, and a few European countries are to the left.

After various derivations later, many berets of various styles gradually appeared, which were successfully squeezed into the public's field of vision. Zhou Dongyu is also a person who likes berets very much. All kinds of styles are going up, and each one is beautiful!

The woolen beret is very suitable for girls to wear. The pink beret of Nabi and Nazha makes people feel that the pink bubbles are all over the screen, and they can't take their eyes away~

Left: Ouyang Nana (Nabi) Right: Gulinaza

The brown woolen style exudes the unique charm of a mature woman, and the hat is more elegant when worn slightly obliquely~

Leather berets can instantly enhance the aura~

Mature women may prefer leather berets. Huang Shengyi and Jiang Shuying chose black and khaki, one is cool and handsome, the other is ladylike.

Left: Huang Shengyi Right: Jiang Shuying

Cola super like this Jennifer Lopez's header style dark coffee berets, casual favorite girl can consider starting one this style

The woven berets on the hipsters are also very chic. Very British style~

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