Can pure dew be drunk? Are essential oils toxic? Using these things wrong may really kill people

2022-07-22 11:08

Hello, Xiaokuo loves cuteness, today is Pi brother wearing a mask and a white coat~

Recently, Pico saw that many Xiao Kuo Ai mentioned the concepts of essential oils and hydrosols, but Pico found that many people have a little understanding of these two things, and they are not particularly clear about how essential oils and hydrosols come from. What difference, what kind, and most importantly, is it useful?

Before explaining these issues, Pico needs to mention a proper term about essential oils and hydrosols-aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is a concept introduced from abroad. It originally originated in ancient Egypt thousands of years ago. The ancients made various aromatic plants into liquids, which acted on various parts of the body to achieve the purpose of preventing and curing diseases.

Of course, don't feel confused. The ancient medical and health conditions were underdeveloped, so it was indeed a means to treat diseases in the beginning!

In modern times, France first developed aromatherapy technology into an independent discipline: "Aromatherapy". When it comes to this discipline, Pico will also extend a story here.

In the early nineteenth century, a French chemist named Guadefors had an accident in his laboratory. Corrosive chemicals caused serious burns to his hands. After he tried to immerse his hands in pure lavender oil, His injured hand was sterilized. Not only was it not infected, but it did not leave any scars after healed. From this, the chemist developed a keen interest in aromatic essential oils and coined the term aromatherapy.

And this chemist Gedfors was finally known as the father of modern aromatherapy.

The work pressure, environmental pollution and living habits of modern people have led to many ideas that hope to reflect on the past. Therefore, the once ancient and mysterious essential oils and aromatherapy return to the stage of history, and after the baptism of modern science, a brand new The concept-modern essential oils.

The formal popularization of essential oils in China began in 2014. Knowledge about essential oils and aromatherapy has also been recognized and understood by the majority of Chinese people.

However, most of the current aromatherapy methods only exist in health and beauty, and a small part is used as medicine. The first thing people know about is essential oils, so this article by Pico also started with essential oils~

       Essential oil is explained in one sentence, which is a kind of aromatic molecules extracted from aromatic plants or animals through a series of processing techniques.

There is a relatively ancient method for the extraction of essential oils-liposuction. The main principle is to use animal fats to absorb the fragrance of plants and then extract essential oils from animal fats.

But nowadays, fewer and fewer people use this method, because the project is huge, time-consuming and laborious. Except for a few places where this method is used to extract essential oils, this method has been eliminated!

At the same time, more modern extraction methods began to appear one by one, namely distillation, pressing, and solvent extraction. Different raw materials can be refined by choosing their own suitable methods, which greatly improves work efficiency~

Types of essential oils

Essential oils can be classified in various ways according to their different characteristics.

According to the extraction method, it is divided into:

Deterpene essential oils, refined essential oils, concentrated essential oils, formulated essential oils, reconstituted essential oils.

ps: This classification method knows fewer people and is more professional. You don't need to think about it when choosing essential oils every day~

Divided by raw material parts:

Flowers, leaves, roots, grasses, woods, resins, bark, citrus, seeds.

According to the deployment method, it is divided into:

Single essential oil, base oil, compound essential oil.

Under normal circumstances, when Da Karma chooses, he mainly looks at the raw materials and formulas, so Pi Ge focuses on these two classifications, and then I will give you a key explanation!

Most of the selected raw materials for single essential oils are petals, rhizomes or bark, and the concentration is relatively high. If it has not been diluted, try not to directly touch the skin! In addition, single essential oils are easy to volatilize and need to be stored away from light, so the packaging used is dark-colored bottles. Any transparent plastic bottle or rubber dropper packaging is not a 100% concentration of single essential oils!

The base oils are mainly derived from plant seeds, such as rosehip oil, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil, which we usually know, are all base oils.

Compound essential oils are the essential oils that are compounded after a variety of different single essential oils and base oils. Because they are diluted by the base oil, they can come into direct contact with the skin!

The role of essential oils

According to the different raw materials, the effects of various essential oils are not the same. Here, Pico has listed several more common essential oil effects, which can give everyone a preliminary understanding of this type of product.

Lavender: relieve stress and prevent insects

Rosemary: refreshing and conditioning the skin

Orange blossom: relieve mood, soft and delicate skin

PS: The efficacy here refers to the efficacy of essential oils extracted from raw materials, and does not represent some specific skin care products.

How to use essential oils

There are many ways to use essential oils, such as massage, incense, bathing, etc., and different methods have different dosages and points of attention. Below, Pico uses a table to tell the specific precautions for use.

After talking about essential oils, let’s talk about another product in aromatherapy-Hydrosol, everyone keep reading~

Pure dew

One sentence explanation: Hydrosol is a by-product produced in the process of refining essential oils by distillation!

Recently, the pure dew has been spread by the majority of businesses, as if it is the existence of the "magic oil" for skin care. It is an "anti-acne artifact", comparable to "ladies' skin care products", "whitening after two weeks of wet compresses", " Consistently drinking will produce body fragrance"...

Pico:? ? ?

What kind of fairy drink is this? What would a hospital do if it is so effective? if you serious you lose! These are all promoted by the exaggerated effects of Sanwu Wechat products! Don't pay the IQ tax for Da Karma, okay! ! !

In essence, pure dew is not much different from distilled water... so don't expect it to have any super powerful effects~

This kind of distilled water contains only a few essential oils, which may help our skin to some extent, but if you choose it, it is better to choose a lotion, brother!

Furthermore, there will always be by-products in the process of refining essential oils. Is it necessary to collect all the by-products to make skin care products?

I have this spare money to buy essential oils, it doesn't fragrant! ?

The only advantage of Hydrosol is that it is milder than high-concentration essential oils, less irritating to use, less allergic, and suitable for daily use (nonsense! Lotion is also suitable for daily use~)

Types of Hydrosol

In the case of raw materials, there are any types of essential oils and hydrosols, so I won’t go into details here.

The role of hydrosol

The main ingredient of pure dew is still water. The biggest effect is to replenish water. Other special effects depend on the raw materials of pure dew.

Choice of Hydrosol

The good and bad domestic hydrosol brands are uneven, so Pi Ge found two relatively reliable brands abroad, and Dakar can choose according to his needs~

Of course, the refined pure dew is free of fragrance and artificial ingredients. The smell is the fragrance of natural plants without any modification, so it does not smell very well. Xiaokuo, who is more sensitive to the smell, loves it carefully!

This is a brand from Provence, France. A large part of the full line of products are pure lotions and essential oils. It has a good reputation in foreign aromatherapy circles.

If you really want to buy Hydrosol, I suggest you try the more popular Damascus rose or Verbenone rosemary. For the first use, it is recommended to perform a sensitivity test behind the ear.

This German brand has aromatherapy education centers in France and India, and there are many counters around the world. It belongs to a relatively large aromatherapy brand.

Its lavender hydrosol and Damascus rose hydrosol are more popular items. In addition to hydrosol, it also sells base oils such as jojoba oil and sweet almond oil.

It can be put into a spray bottle and used as a moisturizing spray, or a bubble paper film for wet compress, the effect of moisturizing and moisturizing is still good~

Pico concludes

All in all, if you want to buy both essential oils and hydrosols, Pico still recommends choosing essential oils. Based on your own formulating method, it is more cost-effective to buy high-concentration single-party essential oils~

As for Hydrosol, most of the products have exaggerated its efficacy. It is essentially a lotion. If you really want to choose Hydrosol, you must also buy it through regular channels. Don't touch it with WeChat brands! Whether the quality is guaranteed is hard to say!

Alright, the above is the deep steak of essential oils and pure dew in this issue (Pigecha finds 555 for baldness in this information). What essential oils has Dagar used recently?

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