Can't wake up VS Brilliant Volume Another wave of beautiful hairstyles in Korean dramas is coming

2022-10-10 06:02

As long as it is a single product and a concave shape that has been used by the heroine of Korean dramas, it has become a popular weather vane without exception. Those sometimes romantic and sometimes fresh Korean hairstyles can attract a lot of popularity. But having said that, the hairstyles of actresses in Korean dramas are indeed more popular and more suitable for Asians, and Qingtian is equally stylish. Now, let's have a dish with the editor. In the Korean drama "Producer", which is currently on the air and is expected to be a hit, let's have a look at the various fashionable hairstyles of the actresses! (Source: pclady)

With the national male god "Professor Do" Kim Soo Hyun, he fought on the screen again after a lapse of more than a year, and joined forces with Gong Hyo Jin, Cha Tae Hyun, and IU Lee Ji Eun to appear in the new Korean drama "Producer". As the leader of Korean fashion, Gong Hyo-jin appeared in the film with simple and comfortable medium-length hair , showing an extraordinary sense of fashion. At the press conference of "Producer", this 19-point slanted bangs were very modern and star-like, and the thick perm at the end was fluffy and individual.

Isn't Kong Hyo-jin's naturally messy short and medium hair the legendary "sleepless head"! Four or six points of bangs are fashionable and sculpted. The shoulder-length length and natural curl exude a strong sense of laziness.

This time, the cold "Professor Do" Kim Soo Hyun appeared in a cute and cute style, and the two's on-screen CP sense really gave people a funny atmosphere.

In "Producer", IU, a girl for the first time, partnered with Kim Soo-hyun and Gong Hyo-jin to play a soft girl singer. The fashionable long curly hair is matched with pink sunglasses as accessories. The good girl IU also has a rebellious side.

At the press conference, IU, who was standing beside Professor Du, showed the delicacy of a little girl, and the long black curly hair that looked like a goddess looked energetic. From the middle of the hair, the natural volume is created, the hair is very shiny and healthy, and it looks like a bird in front of the chest.

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