Can't wear it for a second in summer? Wearing a square collar was thin and fashionable

2022-12-26 06:01

One second into the summer, everyone was caught off guard, and the wardrobe was updated with plmm's latest Reuters~Angelababy's latest Reuters, the small square collar is exquisite and girly, it looks like people walk with wind, or a sweet breeze of birds and flowers.

Ju Jingyi also wore a generous-collared short blouse on her upper body, and decorated her shoulders and collarbone purely and lustfully. It was a little fairy hot!

Not only the short top is beautiful, but in the summer when it is the most suitable for wearing a small skirt, Wu Xin, the "wearing blogger" can say: "I like the most recently, there is no one" small beautiful dress, it is a small square neck dress!

The white style is very immortal, and the black style is also very sensational. Song Yanfei has a black tight-fitting square-neck short skirt on her upper body, which is so cool and beautiful!

The Milkmaid Top "Milkmaid Workwear" in the previous fire is actually a "deformation" of the square collar. The shape combines a heart shape and a square neckline, and the line is full of femininity. Zhou Yutong has always been in front of fashion, with generous collar showing her breasts and showing thinness and more grace, elegant sweet and cool girl did not run away.

Fang Ling's beauty has a long history. In the 1950s, the retro Fang Ling became the "battle uniform" for the ladies to participate in the party, and they have never lost.

"Fatal Woman" Beth Ann (1960s)

"Fatal Woman" Simone (1980s)

On the 2020 fashion week show, from spring and summer to autumn and winter, the figure of the square collar is indispensable. Fang Ling once again returned to the retro trend, leading this year's fashion trend.

BottegaVeneta Spring/Summer 2020

Gucci 2020 autumn and winter

How to choose a square collar that is good-looking and easy to wear? Follow Sister O to pick, it’s beautiful~

If the same single product is popular among the show and celebrities, it is not convincing, because the models and celebrities have beautiful bodies covered in cloth.

The popularity of the square-neck blouse is the best proof that it is good-looking + easy to use, and it is also a bit particular about picking.

The method of choosing a square-neck top is very simple, similar to picking sunglasses. Compared with round-frame sunglasses, square sunglasses are more angular and modify the face; similarly, the square collar also shows more facial lines than the round collar, but this "show" is two-sided, and it is most important to choose the right one that suits you.

The generous collar is quite the sass of a big woman. It is cool and generous, but it is also more picky. Girls with large masseter muscles, short necks, and fleshy breasts will be enlarged. This shortness in the line will be enlarged Feeling: Obese.

Therefore, a generous collar is more suitable for girls who have straight shoulders, obvious right-angled shoulders, or a less square face. Like Bella transformed into a "milkmaid", the generous collar opens from the collarbone to the half chest, which completely allows the beauty of the beauty to be unobstructed.

The small square collar shows a small part of the skin, and the temperament is closer to the sister next door. The exposed part is also very clever. It happens to be where the shoulders and clavicle lines are more obvious. The face is small and the shoulders are thin. All girls can wear it. It looks good.

In the choice of sleeve shape, compared to puff sleeves that make people accidentally change into "unicorn arms", Guan Xiaotong uses a square collar with smaller princess sleeves to cover the flesh and look thinner. It is not a dream to lose 10 kilograms per second.

The sleeveless style is also a stand-off. The shoulder straps of the square neck are often closer to the arm than the round neck, and the effect of covering the breast is better.

The cuffs, neckline and wooden ears are sweeter and more beautiful and desirable to wear. The square collar can be turned into half sleeves when you put it down. Don't wear two clothes with one coat!

The BM small square collar that is more clever than the BM style, quickly wears out and looks beautiful~

Summer is here, and it's the season of wearing small skirts again~

Whether it's a generous collar, a small square collar, or a "milkmaid workwear", the line of the square collar itself modifies the face shape. The most basic choice of style is solid color, which is simple and refreshing, which is most suitable for impetuous summers. ~

Although the style of the square neck dress is simple, but with this year's most popular floral dress, wearing it is the sweetheart who had an afternoon tea with her sister~

Or choose some lace, pleated elements, with a high waistline, it will look exquisite, super S-curve!

You can choose a fluffy long skirt for the hem, which is a leisurely holiday style.

The fishtail skirt will more outline the curve, full of temperament.

You can also choose a tight-fitting style, the cool feeling is ready to come out.

Strap-style dresses have square collars that are more edge-like than round collars, which further modifies the side breasts.

The square neckline has distinct lines, showing thinness and temperament, while also being practical and fashionable. The short blouse is cute and youthful, and the small skirt is sweet and elegant. Jimei people really want to try it out on their own. Sister O is waiting for you to leave a message. ~

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