Celebrity hot mom chooses clothes and refuses to slack and compost meat

2022-12-26 06:01

The birth of the child 's young mother who wear clothes absolute intention to be 100%, do not just consider loose skin riddled body fat leads to the problem , edition type, color, style, styles One Less! The celebrity hot moms are coming back after childbirth, and their figures are as good as ever. There is also a knack for this. The following editor will take stock of the celebrity hot moms who look thin and dress and match them . The hot moms will follow to learn so that they can easily control themselves. A variety of styles, wearing a thin effect.

Judging from the fashion trends on the runway in the spring and summer of 2013 , romantic lotus leaves, sexy hollow lace, classic vertical stripes and elegant floor skirts have become the first choice for stars to look thin and scheming elements, romantic lotus leaves The side can use its gentle curve to conceal body defects; the looming hollow lace becomes a fashionable weapon to show a sexy figure; the visually thinning of the vertical stripes makes many female stars want to stop; the flowing long skirts that drag the floor have become Asian actresses. The secret weapon to cover the defects of the lower body.

One: romantic lotus leaf

Demonstration of hot mom : Bai Baihe

June 20, local time, 2013 China Film Festival: "Break Up the Contract" press conference. Bai Baihe was wearing a green one-line neck lotus leaf hem dress and Louboutin high heels to attend. The lotus leaf is not only a must-kill element to show the temperament of a sweet little woman, but also very practical. If you have an annoying bowel meat, a unicorn arm, then the lotus leaf shirt must not be less, and thinness depends on it. ! The ruffles on the hem of Bai Baihe's dress can not only show full femininity, but also hide leg defects. Muscular calves and thick thighs can all be defeated under the pomegranate skirt.

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