Challenge the World's Largest Hair Dryer Pantene Magically Shines After 3 Minutes

2022-05-12 15:54

Recently, Pantene, a well-known hair care brand owned by Procter & Gamble, challenged the world's largest hair dryer, the giant airliner engine. The model stood in front of the giant airliner, the engine started slowly, and the ultimate test of the wind power equivalent to 6,000 hair dryers was blowing. In this ultimate Hollywood challenge, the real protagonist is Pantene. After unprecedented damage to a model's hair, Pantene's 3-Minute Miracle? Luxurious Serum delivers magical instant repair power. 5 top domestic fashion celebrities personally witnessed the challenge of the giant airliner, and witnessed the unprecedented hair miracle created by this popular overseas celebrity hairdressing private goods.

Ice and fire double test, amazing penetration, wet hair does not tangle

Before the extreme challenge of "the world's largest hair dryer", the big coffees first tried the knife and tested Pantene's 3-minute miracle? Luxury Care Essence Cream in the extreme environment of ice and fire. The first test was carried out in a desert with temperatures as high as 42 degrees Celsius and full of cacti. In the environment of high temperature, extreme sunshine and extreme water shortage, the cactus relies on its roots that meander tens of meters to get water and nutrients into the ground, while the hair damaged by exposure can only rely on external forces to restore its health. At times, the rapid penetration of hair care products becomes critical.

On two strands of hair that have been exposed to the harsh sun, apply Pantene's 3-minute Miracle? Luxury Care Serum on one side, and another well-known hair care brand product on the other side, press it for one second, Pantene's 3-minute Miracle? Instant penetration Amazing performance, hair care ingredients can penetrate the hair core faster, repair the extreme damage caused by high temperature sun, and bring further protection to the hair.

After the hot desert, the second stop is the cool and refreshing swimming pool. Scientists wet the model's hair, apply Pantene Miracle for 3 minutes and another well-known hair care brand product on the left and right, and tie 5 knots respectively. The model slowly stepped into the water, her hair was shaken a few times, and the 3-minute miracle was applied? The knots on one side have been easily opened, which is amazing.

Challenge the largest hair dryer in history, the ultimate repair

After experiencing the duality of water and fire, Pantene's 3-minute miracle? The luxury cream has finally ushered in the ultimate challenge - challenging the huge wind force of the giant airliner engine! Celebrities who were already curious about this challenge, when they saw the huge passenger plane on the tarmac, exclaimed, "This is crazy" and "Are you sure this won't blow people away?"

Under the huge wind blowing from the engine, the model's hair suffered unprecedented damage, and it became obviously messy, frizzy, rough and easily broken. Scientists used a professional hair laser detector to test the model's hair on-site, and found that almost all the hair strands were severely damaged, and the scales of the hair strands were all raised, which no longer protected the hair strands.

Next, the scientists treated the model's damaged hair with Pantene's 3-minute Miracle™ Luxe Serum, and in just ten minutes, the hair was restored to its original state after the treatment and blow-dry. If it weren't for standing next to the engine of a jumbo airliner, absolutely no one would have guessed that this hair had just experienced a near-devastating damage. The repair power of this product on extremely damaged hair is really amazing, worthy of the name of "miracle little golden tube".

Miracle Golden Tube, Cyclone Landing

The original imported 3-minute miracle? Luxury care essence cream adopts the world's leading pro-hair hugging technology. It contains twice the essence, which can be instantly absorbed by the hair; the legendary hair care ingredients "Pro-V Liquid Gold" and histamine Acid, repairs the hair core from within for a long-lasting repair. Wet hair is not knotted, waking up without frizzy hair, a gentle touch of goddess style, but also has a charming sweet fragrance. With its magical repairing effect on damaged hair, it has already become an international famous hair treasure. Chiara Ferragni, the most powerful fashion blogger in the universe, Selina Gomez, a popular Hollywood girl, and YAYA, a Thai mixed-race beauty, all strongly recommended this "miracle little golden tube", which has become a hot overseas celebrity hairdresser.

The 3-minute miracle imported from Pantene? Luxury Care Essence Cream officially landed in China in July. Beyond the repairing power of conditioner, say goodbye to hair damage in 3 minutes. Hair mask-grade essence cream, no burden to use every day. Feel the miracle and let your hair shine this summer.

*Jumbo airliner: The scene is shot with the structure of the jumbo airliner as the background and the wind speed of the simulated engine. There are strict safety measures on site.

*6000 hair dryers: Calculated based on the wind force, wind speed and cross-sectional area at a distance of ten feet from the simulated engine. According to this calculation method, the wind force formed by the general passenger aircraft engine at a distance of ten feet is approximately equal to the wind force generated by 6,000 household hair dryers operating at the same distance at the same time, and the wind force is calculated as 0.003m3/s.

product description

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle? Luxury Care Essence Cream (Multi-effect Damage Repair) Pantene imported 3 Minute Miracle? Luxurious Care Essence Cream, a hot overseas celebrity hairdresser. 2 times the essence is instantly absorbed, beyond the surface repair damage, long-lasting effect to prevent damage. After use, the wet hair will not be knotted, it will be dry and smooth, and it will not fry when you wake up. It has a charming red fruit-like sweet fragrance. It is specially designed for extremely damaged hair that is frequently dyed and permed. It is suitable for daily use. It surpasses the repairing power of conditioner and bids farewell to accumulated damage in 3 minutes. RMB49.9/180ML

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Luxury Care Essence Cream (Lotion Repair) RMB49.9/180ML

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