Challenging cutting-edge technology to stimulate the energy of volcanic rocks

2023-01-30 06:01

In-depth exposure of the advertising shooting scene, deciphering the Ethan Ruan you never knew

L'Oreal Paris led the media to visit the L'Oreal men's advertising shooting site for the first time, and directly watched the behind-the-scenes footage of the spokesperson Ethan Ethan's advertising shooting. Since joining the L'Oreal Paris spokesperson dream team in 2012, Ethan Ruan has always given people a positive image of sunshine, handsomeness and positivity. His healthy wheat complexion and bright smile have endowed L'Oreal men with more vitality and charm, making the brand more energetic and attractive. It radiates vigor and strength that only belongs to young people.

On the day of the commercial shooting, Ruan Jingtian was dressed in simple sports clothes without any decoration, but this could not hide his sunny, handsome and masculine temperament. Amazed, every day for up to 16 hours of filming, he can perfectly interpret every movement and expression. During the filming, he sweated profusely, but he was still a sunny guy in front of the camera. His skin was always refreshed, and there was no greasy trouble at all! No matter when and where, he can be full of energy and charm!

Revealing the secrets of two skin care tools, L'Oreal men create a new generation of skin care

Dozens of well-known media from across the country and the L'Oreal Paris team gathered at W Hotel, the youngest, most fashionable, and most energetic in Taipei, to witness the launch of two powerful skin care tools - Volcanic Rock Oil-Control Acne Cleansing Cream and Extremely Activating Skin Lotion. With L'Oréal Men breaking new milestones in the field of skin care. The spokesperson of L'Oreal Paris and the famous movie star Mr. Ethan Ruan also appeared at the press conference to witness this extraordinary moment together.

Ms. Zhu Ning, Director of Brand Communication and Public Relations of L'Oreal Paris, first expressed her congratulations on the launch of Volcanic Rock Oil Control Acne Cleansing Cream and Quick Activating Body Lotion. She pointed out that, as a leading brand in the global cosmetics industry, L'Oreal Paris has been committed to in-depth understanding of men's skin characteristics and needs since the launch of the men's skin care series in 2006. Bring a new skin care experience! The launch of these two new products reflects the brand's commitment to innovation based on the needs of consumers.

Dr. Hao Yu, head of scientific communication and communication at L'Oréal (China) R&D and Innovation Center, and Ms. Zhou Xiaoye, junior product manager, confirmed from scientific research and market research, respectively, that male skin is affected by hormones, the environment and living habits, and is susceptible to shine Full face, large pores, acne and other troubles, and cleansing is the basis for ensuring healthy skin. L'Oreal Paris Volcanic Oil Control Acne Cleansing Balm contains volcanic rock mineral essence kaolin and perlite, which can solve excess sebum from the root and thoroughly clean pores, and also contains spicy peppermint leaf extract to instantly reduce acne symptoms and long-term control of acne regeneration.

In addition to basic cleansing needs, they also pointed out that men actually have higher skin care pursuits. L'Oréal Paris Activating Body Lotion meets men's expectations for skin care, coverage and application experience at the same time. Dr. Hao Yu pointed out that the unique blue and moisturizing texture of Men's Black Tube BB contains the breakthrough "Multi-L particle technology", which has powerful skin energy, skin brightening mineral factor and skin moisturizing factor. It can quickly brighten the complexion, cover acne marks and blemishes, invisible pores, oil control and moisturizing.

Ethan Ethan, the spokesperson of L'Oreal Paris, took the stage in anticipation of everyone. He said: "This is my first official appearance after joining L'Oreal Paris, so today is also a very meaningful day for me. Although I cooperate with L'Oreal Men only It's been more than a year, but L'Oreal Men's focus on men's skin care research, and continue to provide men with easy-to-use products, these make me feel very proud to join this team." At the same time, he also mentioned the previous commercial shooting, and he expressed his gratitude to L'Oreal Paris for giving him this opportunity to experience many novel and challenging things that he had never imagined. Finally, as one of the first trial users of the new product, he was very excited to share with you: "This Volcanic Rock Oil Control Acne Cleansing Balm keeps my skin from getting oily all day, and even after filming for a whole day, my skin stays firm. Clean and refreshing." At the same time, he also said: "I usually use men's black tube BB on important occasions. It is very suitable for men's needs in terms of packaging and texture. Every time I use it in public, it feels very natural and does not need to be concealed; in addition, It works just like you would a regular skincare product, not only is it moisturizing, but it also instantly helps retouch your skin and get rid of pores, acne marks, and more.”

Finally, under the eyes of the public, Ms. Ma Lan, Deputy General Manager of L'Oreal Paris, Ms. Zhu Ning, Director of L'Oreal Paris Brand Communication and Public Relations, and Dr. Hao Yu, Head of Scientific Communication and Exchange Affairs of L'Oreal (China) R&D and Innovation Center, Paris L'Oreal's junior product manager Ms. Zhou Xiaoye and L'Oreal Paris spokesperson Mr. Ruan Jingtian jointly lit the start button, and L'Oreal Paris Men's Volcanic Rock Oil Control Acne Cleansing Cream and Quick Activation Body Lotion were officially launched.

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