Chelsea is about to wear a pair of cowboy boots

2022-09-26 06:02

It’s cold, it’s time to buy a pair of boots~ Let’s say yes, these boots are cool to wear, but TA doesn’t care whether your legs look long or thick.

It can be said that cowboy boots are one of the iconic products of American retro fashion. They were also used in the fashion items of Hollywood star fashionistas. They have been popular from the 1950s to the 1990s. They are also a symbol of former cowboys. The boots have a bit of crazy retro flavor, and the beautiful girl in the cartoon "Tom and Jerry" that we are familiar with also has the look of cowboy boots, which is really popular~

The mouth of cowboy boots presents a V-shape with high on both sides and low in the middle. Visually, it actually stretches the line of the leg. It also plays a role in modifying the shape of the leg. The slightly upturned pointed toe and the inclined The heels give cowboy boots the straightforward beauty. Putting them on seems to have an instant in the exotic style of western cowboys~

Getting selected solid color boots introductory paragraph to begin from Plain boots, then slowly advanced length boots, to be honest thin legs girls how to wear are OK, legs extra baggage fairy little thought we cover it exposed finest The part of the trousers is the most beautiful. The trousers of the trousers can still be stuffed into the loose boot shafts, and it is even more high-street to wear with all kinds of skirts!

Zhang Junning

Yu Kewei

With a large suit jacket to create a cool girl with a cool personality and personality, it can also be a workplace lady full of commuting style~

The stacked boots with folds look like piles of socks that girls like to wear. They can wrap the legs well but are not too tight to leave space. They are also very light and comfortable to move.

Individuality and selection of printed print elements can be described as ubiquitous. How cool is it to run on these rugged retro cowboy boots? Maybe the designer wants to give some cool and handsome cowboy boots some softness and fun, but he didn't expect that TA will still be as cool as a "horse riding cowboy" without looking back.

Low-key girls choose the dark pattern, which not only has beautiful patterns but also cool and handsome temperament~

Breaking the monotony, choosing the color matching, single color is slightly boring, multi-color and a bit exaggerated? It’s better to choose a simple double color matching, to leave out the visual dazzling and retain the basic high-level purity, it is true that people look refreshed~

The double color matching toe with British style has been improved to erase the sharp pointed toe. It looks very soft. The girl's roundness can capture the girl's heart. The matching is not sweet or cool. You may choose it by accident. Is the next sister to debut!

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