"Chinese Doctor" "Eye Skills" Award Exercise Eye Muscles to Prevent Aging

2022-12-19 06:02

The film mainly uses Wuhan medical staff and medical aid teams from various provinces and cities across the country as the character prototypes to truly restore every detail.

In order to save a set of protective clothing, the medical staff worked continuously for nearly ten hours, and did not eat or drink during the period. When the mask is taken off after work, the deep mark on the face by the mask is the most beautiful medal for the retrograde.

The film has not only the old actors like Zhang Hanyu and Yuan Quan, but also the contributions of young actors such as Yi Yangqianxi, Zhou Ye, and Zhang Zifeng. Since they play medical workers, they wear masks or protective clothing most of the time. Basically, they can only rely on their eyes to convey subtle changes in their mentality. The actors lived up to expectations and won applause with a pair of eyes.

Yi Yang Qianxi plays the resident doctor Yang Xiaoyang, whose growth is most obvious in the film.

From the hesitation and wait-and-see at the beginning of the mobilization meeting, to the follow-through when he saw that people around him took the initiative to ask Ying, the changes in his eyes revealed the psychological activities of the characters, and his eyes seemed to be able to speak.

Without much practical experience, he learned to give up his cowardice and intubate patients at critical moments.

On the front line of the fight against the epidemic, Yi Yangqianxi's eyes from front to back gradually fade away and become calm.

Wen Ting, director of the critical care medicine department played by Yuan Quan, with a seemingly weak body, shoulders the heavy burden of treating patients and protecting the medical staff under her, and her emotions are infected with one look.

Also wearing a mask is Zhang Zifeng, who plays a young girl who suffered the tragedy of double death of her parents.

The helplessness in Zhang Zifeng's eyes touched the hearts of the audience. One word and one look made everyone's tears well up. "What should a person do if they don't have parents?"

Netizens said: "All the eye skills are very touching!" "A random look is worth a thousand words, and I really understand the difficulty of that special moment!"

Nowadays, whether you go out or meet people, you can’t do without a mask. When the mask covers most of the face, the expression of the eyes determines the impression left on others. The eye area is an area that is prone to aging and needs more care.

Wearing a mask for a long time and working with a computer for a long time increase the burden on the eyes. Therefore, the eyes are more prone to aging and fatigue.

"If the face is compared to the body, the eyes and mouth are the main body of the face. Due to the change in the center of gravity, the impression of the eyes is completely different." Mr. Yusuke Kimura, a Japanese-exclusive facial trainer, introduced.

"For people who work at a desk, the center of gravity of the head is easy to shift backwards. Therefore, the facial skin that is originally drawn from the forehead to the back of the head, back, and calf, which is curved and lifted, becomes loose, eventually resulting in eye wrinkles and Relaxation." (Mr. Kimura) When looking at the computer screen, raising the eyes unconsciously is also one of the reasons for the relaxation of the eyes.

Continued hunched posture, or a look up at something, can cause the head to shift back. As a result, the upper part of the head is loose, and it is easy to cause loose eyelids or forehead wrinkles. The tension on the face is weakened, and wrinkles appear naturally between the eyebrows.

The center of gravity of the head is placed in front of the face and between the eyebrows, the eyebrows are extended to the left and right, and the eyes are easy to open. Keeping this state, the eyes will be refreshed, and there will be no wrinkles between the eyebrows.

Due to long hours of desk work, etc., many people have their backs bent, their jaws forward, and their eyes raised to see things. "This posture will cause the skin that was originally pulled upward at the hairline to loosen, which is prone to slack." (Mr. Kimura) Choosing the right "line of sight" is the key to avoiding sagging eyes!

The key to keeping the eyes young is to shift the center of gravity of the head to a higher position in front of the face. Mr. Kimura developed the "Dong" method, which is to stretch the index finger placed on the nose "boom" forward, so that the center of gravity moves forward, and the curve of the back is stretched, thereby making the area around the eyes tight. To. "As long as you consciously stick to this state for about a week and get used to this state, it will not be easy for the eyes to relax." (Mr. Kimura)

A slightly biased position of sight and incorrect posture will aggravate the feeling of eye aging. Master the position of sight that does not show old age, and develop the habit of not slackening consciously through the practice of "noise popping".

With the feeling of pushing forward the main body of the face - the basal cartilage of the nose, take your fingers away with a "thump". "Even if you don't use your hands, you can always consciously keep the 'boom' of your nose, and you can prevent sagging eyes and wrinkles." (Mr. Kimura)

Consciously carry out "the root of the nose" every day, the eyes will become younger.

Eye stroking "iron "

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