Choosing the right blush to make you white twice is not a dream

2022-07-05 10:07

Blush is an essential cosmetic for every girl. Sometimes there is still no color after makeup. At this time, blush is needed to help you. Choose the right blush, white twice is not a dream!

That's right! Today, the assistant will share 6 monochrome blushes with you. Let's not talk nonsense, let's take a look at it together~

A smoky pink with orange tone, showing temperament, but there is a small disadvantage that it will fly powder, but the price is really cheap, the requirements for blush are not high, it is easy to like the new and hate the old, just buy this, it is useless at all. Distressed, it is also very good for novices to practice hands.

Super cheap and easy to use blush, the face is orange, can create a matte look of oil painting, the makeup effect is very advanced! There will be a little redness in the color test on the hand, and the color rendering is very high. It is recommended to use a small amount of time

Essence's blush is really suitable for beginners. The powder is fine and the makeup will not be too heavy. You can brush it boldly on the face. The color is warm orange with a little shimmer. It is very everyday. A girl with a fake makeup turned into a summer orange soda girl in seconds.

The milk tea color blush, which was very popular before, has the same packaging design as nail polish. It smells very good peach fragrance. The color is gentle and suitable for daily makeup. This yellow-skinned girl is recommended to use it before foundation, the color will look better Some ~ but the blush liquid still feels very testy for novices.

The color that you will fall in love with at a glance, the milk orange, the yellow skin on the face is white, and the skin will reveal a hint of pink to enhance the complexion, a very girly blush!

This piece can be worn as long as it is not black, how to apply it how it looks good, it is more reddish, very suitable for autumn and winter, but its texture is a bit sticky, and it is a test of skill on the face.

The girl's paper with blush on it is really inexplicably heart-wrenching.

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