Choosing the right skirt is the key. Fan Ye Gao Yuanyuan turned out to be elephant legs

2022-09-12 06:01

Let me talk about short skirts. Short skirts and shorts are inseparable from everyone, even if they know their legs are as thick as elephants. Wearing the donkey kicking shoes with a 5cm water platform like Fan Bingbing, or wearing two neat and tall sandals like Gao Yuanyuan, can alleviate the stoutness of the legs and legs, but the strength is limited.

At this time, mid-skirts, long skirts, and mid-length skirts make people love it. Different skirt lengths have different shielding strength for the legs and legs. According to the length, they are roughly divided into the following 5 types.

Above Knee

The length of this skirt is mainly to cover the thighs, but girls with thick legs know that the most deadly part of the thick legs is the knees. The fleshy knees with almost invisible joints clearly show that this is a pair of thick legs.

Knee Length (Knee Length)

Therefore, for thick legs, a knee-length skirt that covers the knee looks much more ideal.

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