Cinderella's Shades of Fresh Nail Art Bring Spring Lightness Up

2022-07-06 10:21

The temperature is rising day by day, and it is gradually entering the spring season. Clothing begins to change seasons. Heavy coats and scarves are gradually replaced by light and breathable materials. The Japanese manicure trend has recently pushed Cinderella's aqua blue hue, which is refreshing just by looking at it. Girls should also add a touch of coolness to their fingertips. Next time, go to the nail salon with these aqua blue manicure photos to ensure that the mood will be as sunny and beautiful as spring.

Aqua blue and white are the best partners, not only does not violate harmony, but also has a unique seasonal atmosphere of spring. Embellished with sequins or interspersed with white space, the design is more light.

Spring is the season of blooming flowers. The combination of aqua blue finger color and painted flowers or dry flowers will make girls irresistible, making your gestures full of charm and alluring to look at you.

The aqua blue is dotted on the fingertips, making the overall style seem like a watercolor smudge, like a clear spring sky, full of bright impressions.

The matte material is quite popular in these seasons, and the aqua blue tone is full of ancient Italian and green. If you don't want to be too plain, you can add some tiny metal elements to embellish it.

Starting from aqua blue to make deep and shallow gradients, matching pearls, metals and other elements to add a sense of glamour, eye-catching but not too abrupt.

Pearls and rhinestones are definitely the most versatile good friends of aqua blue tones. When they are fresh and clean, they not only add adult flavor but also marine flavor.

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