Classic black perm hairstyle

2022-05-23 11:16

Style 1

This black and bright head perm is the favorite of sweet girls. The airy bangs are matched with the fluffy and layered hair tail, which is cute and fashionable.

Style 2

This black short hair is also a little fluffy and textured. The length of the hair tail with a slight inner buckle and curl is just right to the neck, which can well modify the face shape and create a small V face. At the same time, it is very tender with irregular bangs.

Style 3

The lovely side parted bangs and the fluffy and textured long curly hair look very romantic and beautiful. At the same time, paired with natural black hair color, it has a very fresh feeling.

Style 4

The irregular side bangs are naturally turned up to reveal the forehead design, which is very refreshing and slightly individual. The curly and permed hair that starts from the earlobe is naturally close to the cheeks and droops down, which has a good effect of modifying the face shape.

Style 5

This medium-length curly hair with two-eight side bangs, one side is turned up and then naturally hangs down along the cheeks and one side is inserted into the back of the ear.

Style 6

This shoulder-length lob hairstyle is simple and fresh. The neat bangs are matched with the natural inner button hair tail, which highlights the cute characteristics of little girls. At the same time, the black hair color shows the pure atmosphere of girls.

Style 7

The bangs on the fluffy and curled eyebrows have a great age-reducing effect, making the little girl very cute and moving. At the same time, the layered black long curly hair has a feeling of leisure, and the overall look is very natural and fresh.

Style 8

The black and bright hair color shows the fresh and natural temperament of girls, with thick side-parted bangs and fluffy long curly hair, adding a bit of sweetness and a college-style atmosphere.

Style 9

The mid-parted long bangs can outline a good-looking face line, and the fluffy and plump long curly hair is naturally scattered, highlighting the elegant and charming temperament of girls.

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