Colorful and multi-effect 3 types of L'Oreal Paris Mineral Purifying Clay Mask Review

2023-01-23 06:01

There are 4 types of L'Oreal Paris Mineral Purifying Clay Mask, which are "Black, White, Grey, Green". This time, the editor selected three models of "white, gray and green" for personal trial.

The net content of the three clay masks that Xiaobian tried is 10g, which is very suitable for carrying on business trips. The easy-to-tear packaging design is also very convenient, suitable for one-time use needs when traveling.

The mask of this specification is basically nothing in the hand. Lightweight and compact. The amount is just right~

Tear off the wrapping paper, and the 3 masks show different colors and textures as shown in the picture above. It is suitable to be used on different parts of the whole face at the same time, of course, you can use one at a time and apply it all over the face.

After comparing the texture of the three masks, the white mud has the highest moisturizing degree, the stucco has the strongest graininess, and the green mud has NO.1 adsorption.

Finally, try on the face. The editor chose to apply all 3 masks to the face at one time ~ mix and match different colors in different areas. The measured skin data is shown above. The "water-poor oilfield muscle" before use will instantly return to the normal state of "more water and less oil" after using the mask. Skin feels smooth and smooth

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