Commuter hairstyle new trick DIY staggered ponytail

2022-07-25 17:13

Commuter hairstyle new trick DIY staggered ponytail

More and more office workers are accustomed to ponytails, because it is simple and saves time, but if you encounter an entertainment or party after get off work, how can a ponytail deal with it, you must add some fresh ideas and changes to the ponytail To hold it all day, staggered ponytails are not difficult, but this subtle change is enough for you to cope with various occasions, and it can be easily done in just three steps.

Step1 Partition processing

First, divide the hair into three parts, the first part is above the head, along the hairline of the ear temples, comb the hair above the head into a medium-low ponytail, keeping a distance of about 5 cm from the neck. The rest of the uncombed hair is evenly divided to the sides.

Step2 Cross fixation

Take a small amount of hair on the upper part of the two sides, first press the left strand of hair on the elastic band that has been tied into the ponytail, and fix it with bobby pins. Then take a small strand of hair corresponding to the upper part of the right side and press it on the strand of hair divided from the left side, and fix it with a bobby pin. Form an "x" shape.

Step3 Cross-fix again

According to the method of Step 2, cross the hair on both sides at the root of the ponytail in an "X" shape again. You can adjust the hair slightly when crossing to ensure that the hairstyle is more layered. The two strands of hair should be fixed below the ponytail. For girls with less hair, don't tie the hair too tightly, a little looser can make the hair look more volume.

The staggered ponytail is completed in this way. You can choose this hairstyle for work, travel, and parties.

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