Complete Raiders of Five Types of Eye Care Products to Perfect Your Eyes (Photos)

2023-01-30 06:01

I always hear people asking, I don’t know how to choose a suitable eye care product, and the emotional words of the salesperson at the counter are aimed at your wallet. It is better to polish your eyes and choose the one that suits you. The eye care products are the right ones.

How to maintain eye serum

1. eye serum

Efficacy Comments: Absolutely highly concentrated skin care products, but such eye care products are generally not very moisturizing. For mature skin or deep wrinkles, it must be used with eye cream or gel. to have the desired effect.

●To deal with problems: It has the functions of firming, repairing moisturizing barrier, and strengthening repairing cells, which can make the absorption of follow-up eye care products more efficient.

How to use: Take an amount the size of a grain of rice, knead it with the left and right ring fingers for a relatively long time, until the warmth shows signs of melting, and then gently "press" the lower eye frame from the inside to the outside, and the middle to the corner of the eye "Press" a little more until absorbed.

Recommended eye serum:

EliZAbeth Arden Elizabeth Arden Superspace Gold Navigation Eye Serum 580 yuan / 60 capsules

EliZAbeth Arden

The exclusive CLX Gold Navigation Complex is combined with fatty acids, nourishing ingredients to help fight wrinkles and fine lines.

Talika Talika Eye Serum 390RMB

Talika Talika Eye Serum

The refreshing gel texture is hidden in a lightweight sealed pen-shaped tube, and there is a small mirror on the back, which is most suitable for going out.

LANCOME Lancome Fibre Firming Eye Serum 630RMB/15ml

LANCOME Lancome Firming Eye Serum

A product specially developed for Chinese women and sold only in Greater China. The patented three-dimensional sculpting technology can effectively enhance the eye contour and firm the eye area.

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