Cool shorts stylishly conquer summer

2022-09-12 06:01

Cool shorts stylishly conquer summer

Striped shorts: Orlebar Brown

With suggestions

Striped shorts are the focus of the overall styling. A simple and clean white shirt is most suitable. However, it is recommended to put the shirt in the pants to look neat.

Khaki suede leather Derby shoes: Common Projects

Price: about 2680 yuan

Dark brown briefcase: Mulberry

Price: about 7588 yuan

White shirt: Thom Browne

Price: about 3220 yuan

Using black, white and gray items as a supporting role to match, not only will not steal the limelight of striped shorts, but the low-key and simple style is the focus of this style.

Gray backpack: Want Les Essentiels

Price: about 3215 yuan

Black T-shirt: Sunspel

Price: about 445 yuan

Grey sneakers: Nike

Price: about 716 yuan

The summer-like printed T-shirts are casually paired with shorts to have a lazy taste. Pair them with straw hats and sandals to create this relaxed and relaxing vacation style.

Light straw hat: Borsalino

Price: about 1555 yuan

White printed T-shirt: Prada

Price: about 3115 yuan

Brown leather sandals: Ancient Greek Sandals

Price: about 960 yuan

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