Cosmetics mix and match blowing into the skin care circle

2022-08-03 16:47

If you think that mixing and matching is still the patent of the street photography industry, you will underestimate women's pursuit of unlimited beauty and impulse shopping desires when they have nothing to do at counters. You know, it is really common to have several essences, lotions and creams with different effects on the dressing table at the same time, or occasionally a little acne gel, soothing lotion to give the skin some special care. However, mixing and matching is beautiful, and you are wrong if you mess around blindly. Therefore, today, Xiao Bian specially shares three taboos of mixing and matching, so that your skin care mix and match only has good skin quality, and there are no hidden dangers and waste.

Serum stacking order is based on skin care needs

No one has only one kind of skin problem, so it is necessary to mix and match essences. As for the order of use, it is rumored that the order of use should be arranged according to the molecular size, but in fact, essence products are all small molecular structures, which are difficult for ordinary readers to distinguish. clear. Therefore, according to individual skin needs, it is a more reliable choice to use the essence products for the skin problems that you most want to improve first, and so on. However, moisturizing essences rely on colloidal film-forming agents and macromolecular components to shrink, so they must be used last.

Skincare tips that balance out the benefits

When mixing and matching products with different ingredients, it is necessary to pay attention to the mutual repulsion or offset between the ingredients. For example, two ingredients with different pH orientations cannot be superimposed. For skin rejuvenation products using inorganic acids, gel and jelly products should be avoided. , the ingredients formed by its texture will offset the inorganic acid ingredients and cannot be mixed.

Strong teamwork skin can't bear it

It is said that the merits and demerits are offset, and it is necessary to talk about the problem that the skin cannot bear the problem after joining forces. For example, when using anti-acne products, it is necessary to avoid the superimposed use of products containing glycolic acid, salicylic acid, ethanol, and vitamin A ingredients. These two ingredients will inhibit sebum secretion and exfoliate keratin. harm. And different brands or different series of whitening products, because whitening products have become the most active, if the ingredients are different, improper mixing will cause incompatibility between the ingredients, which will lead to skin discomfort, so you need to be careful.

California Avocado Intensive Moisturizing Serum 

The unique plant moisturizing ingredients such as avocado and jojoba from California are formulated according to different skin types. Intensive moisturizing, providing nutrients for thirsty skin in time, long-lasting moisturizing, repairing cells layer by layer, effectively improving dryness, dullness, relaxation and other skin problems caused by lack of water, so that every inch of skin can enjoy the tailor-made natural plants. pamper.

Sisley Jingyan Oil Control Essence  

Combining a variety of plant extracts, a daily skin care product that provides a clean feeling for oily and problem skin, purifies and softens the skin, and visibly improves the texture of oily and problem skin.

Estee Lauder Clear Whitening Spot Serum  

The concentrated formula contains the highest level of HD-90 spot-clearing technology to help whiten skin. This cosmeceutical-like whitening serum visibly reduces and effectively prevents dark spots, leaving skin "high-definition" clear. Infuses skin with moisture, maintains moisture balance and improves skin suppleness. The all-in-one formula is anti-inflammatory, anti-chapter, and anti-acne.

Chanel Camellia Moisturizing Micro Essence Lotion  

The first time it touches the skin, the water-like essence "bursts" out, like fine water droplets pouring on the skin... The camellia oil OFA* independent microcapsules penetrate in like moist water waves, releasing fresh, Smoothing, repairing action. Afterwards, the individual microcapsules of camellia oil OFA* diffuse out, wrapping the skin like soft silk... providing instant comfort and wonderful moisturizing care.

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