Countdown to the Spring Festival to see how La Roche-Posay makes your skin feel at ease "on vacation"

2022-10-10 06:01

The Spring Festival holiday is getting closer and closer to us, but for many people, this long-lost holiday does not seem to be "easy". There is no busy work and the alarm clock and dreams that wake you up every day. A party with relatives and friends, get together until midnight, then go home and sleep until you wake up naturally...

Although such "busyness" makes people feel happy, while being shrouded in this happiness, your skin is undergoing many tests brought about by the sudden change of living habits - overeating leads to oily skin and acne. The disorder of work and rest weakens the skin's ability to repair itself, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor continuously stimulates the redness and allergy phenomenon on the face... These problems are all red lights for the skin at this time.

So how can you make your skin "empty" with your body and mind during this long-lost holiday? La Roche-Posay, a world-renowned skin care brand from France, has already prepared a set of the best skin care solutions for the new year, allowing you to use healthy and strong skin to enjoy the warm joy of visiting relatives and friends, as well as the warmth of reunion, Come with me to see it together!

The Repair of the Chinese New Year Skin Care Program

In the face of dry and uncomfortable skin caused by chaotic work and rest, La Roche-Posay specially provides a healing repair program, Te An Soothing Repair Cream, in which the breakthrough soothing ingredient neuropeptide can relieve the inflammatory reaction of nerve endings and deeply repair damaged. Skin, relieve skin allergy pressure, streamlined and safe formula brings the ultimate peace of mind to the skin.

Isolation of Chinese New Year Skin Care Program

As the world's first isolation product for full-band protection, La Roche-Posay Daily Sunscreen Isolation Cream SPF30+ PA+++ protects the skin from air pollutants and UV rays throughout the day. With its excellent lightweight texture and high UV protection, it is a safe choice for the skin at all times.

Soothing Chinese New Year Skin Care Program

In addition to repair and isolation, timely soothing is also necessary for skin in a "high pressure period". The La Roche-Posay Soothing Conditioning Mist contains hot spring water for the skin, which can soothe and calm the skin, enhance the skin's self-protection ability, and is convenient to carry with you.

When the countdown to the Chinese New Year holiday is underway, why not bring the skin care plan carefully prepared by La Roche-Posay for you, so that healthy and strong skin can always be with your family!

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