create a new hairstyle at home in 3 steps with curling iron tutorial illustration

2022-05-05 15:22

That's it for today's two tutorials. The first one is a sweet and playful bob; the other is a slightly curly hairstyle. Let’s take a look at the detailed steps.

Before the curls, the mm bob is already long, and the straight hair makes the hairstyle look very rigid and stiff; after the curls, the hairstyle becomes more fluffy and playful, and the face-lifting effect is more obvious.

Whether it is viewed from the side or the back, the slightly warped hair tail makes the hairstyle more dynamic and fashionable, and the fluffy hair is more cute.

Curly hair steps

Step1: First, use a curling iron to roll the end of the bob head out half a circle, and heat it for styling.

step2: Hold the curling iron vertically, and randomly curl the uppermost hair into a spiral shape.

step3: Apply the wax on the outer curled ends of the hair to make the hairstyle last longer.

Before the curly hair, the thick long straight hair makes mm look uninspired, a little depressed, and has a weak sense of fashion; after the curly hair, the effect of face-lifting and face-lifting is enhanced, and the slightly curly hair is also more dynamic and light, and suddenly becomes More fashionable and youthful.

From the side and the back, this slightly curly long hair can reflect the softness and elegance of women, very ladylike.

Curly hair steps

Step1: As shown in the figure, divide the hair into three parts with the ears as the boundary, and first curl the ends of the hair in front of the ears to shape them. About two turns.

Step2: Then divide the hair of the back part of the head into two parts, as shown in the figure, first curl the ends of the lower part of the hair, and then curl the ends of the upper part of the hair. About two laps.

step3: Hold your hair with one hand and spray the styling spray from the inside out.

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