Crest Lock White and Blue Windbell Toothpaste is newly launched and joins hands with the brand ambassador Bai Yu to help you bloom with a bright white smile

2022-03-04 19:26

Procter & Gamble's well-known oral care brand Crest recently teamed up with brand ambassador Bai Yu to release the new Crest Lock White and Blue Windbell toothpaste with the theme of "locking white wind chimes, warm spring flowers". The warm-hearted boy Bai Yu with a warm smile in the hearts of fans airborne the Crest live broadcast room and brought all the fairies who are ready to step into the spring glamorously, the first toothpaste belonging to the spring-Crest Lock White and Blue Wind Chimes.

Locking white wind chimes, spring flowers blooming, Bai Yu surprises to connect with Crest Live Room

In this “lock the white wind chimes, the warm spring flowers bloom” event, Bai Yu surprises airborne Crest’s live broadcast by means of video connection, briefly sharing his recent life and work status, and chatting about what he has learned during the days of home isolation Skills and look forward to returning to work soon. When it comes to resuming work and gathering with friends, Bai Yu strongly recommends the new toothpaste of Crest Lock White and Blue Windbell. The powerful whitening and whitening effect of Crest Lock White series can make him laugh more casually and bring a good spring mood. In addition, Bai Yu also revealed that his favorite smell in spring is the natural and fresh floral scent, and he generously shared the feeling of brushing teeth with white and blue wind chime toothpaste. The fresh and natural blue wind chime scent can bring closer relationships with family and friends. .

Whitening, stain removal, longer lasting, whitening, multi-layered fragrance subverts the oral care experience

In addition to sharing his current life and the experience of using the white and blue wind chime toothpaste, Bai Yu also interacted with Crest scientists across the screen to complete two interesting tooth film experiments, revealing the long-lasting whitening and whitening technology of Crest Lock White and Blue Windbell. . The scientist first poured Crest Whitening Toothpaste and ordinary toothpaste on two tea stains. In just a few seconds, the toothpaste with Crest Whitening Toothpaste quickly turned white and compared with the other toothpaste. Formed a sharp contrast, showing the "magic-level" whitening effect. Next, the scientists poured coffee, black tea, and red wine on the teeth that just turned white. The teeth that had gone through numerous "invasions" were still white as before. This is all thanks to the unique whitening and whitening technology of Crest Whitening Toothpaste-not only 100 million whitening "polishing" particles drive away tooth stains, but also "P2" whitening whitening particles form a protective umbrella to resist pigments and lock white smiles. .

Another highlight of this live broadcast is that the chief perfumer of P&G was invited to attend the Crest event to share the high-level fragrance of Crest lock white and blue wind chimes. Different from other flavor toothpastes in the Crest Lock White series, Crest's new lock white blue wind chime toothpaste selects 23 fragrance materials and extracts the blue wind chime essence to create a multi-level brushing experience. The paste is clear and longer lasting, and lasts longer. Keep the mouth fresh.

Heart-warming Bai Yu's pet fan power MAX multiple benefits set off a live broadcast boom

During the live broadcast, Bai Yu and the host interacted with the live broadcast fans in multiple games, and the live broadcast became popular again. Bai Yu personally teaches Crest to have a toothy smile in spring, Fancy Planting Spring Toothpaste with powerful whitening and whitening effect-the new Crest Lock White Blue Windbell Toothpaste. In addition, Crest teamed up with Bai Yu to broadcast multiple benefits one after another. The quiz and answer questions selected Crest Blue Windbell's new toothpaste to give back to fans.

As the first toothpaste of spring, Crest Lock White and Blue Windbell New Toothpaste has been released as an exclusive new product on Crest hopes to join hands with and Baiyu to bring a fresh spring experience to consumers.

As the world's leading oral care expert, Crest has been in China for 23 years and has been working hard to improve the oral health awareness of Chinese consumers. In the face of consumers' requirements for the quality and details of oral care and the generalization, Crest continues to in-depth analyze and explore the new needs of the new generation of consumers. The high-tech oral care of the company has simultaneously improved the "efficacy, taste, smell and appearance" of the products, bringing the ultimate tooth care experience and enjoyment to Chinese consumers. In the future, Crest will continue to innovate and move forward, and "laugh boldly and shine brighter" with everyone.

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