How to create princess hair easily?

2023-01-20 17:41

Romantic princess head

This princess head combs all the hair in front of MM to the back, revealing MM's delicate and beautiful oval face, which is very refreshing. Due to the tie, the fluffy and delicate side-rolled bangs and the slightly curly hair tail make the MM look very sweet and romantic.

step1: As shown in the figure, roll the bangs on both sides to the back and top of the ears.

step2: Fix it with multiple hairpins, but don't make it too tight, just a little fluffy and drapey.

Step3: As shown in the picture, pick up the just-fixed hair and roll it into a bundle, and then pick up another bundle of hair beside it.

Step4: The two bundles of hair are cross-braided to the back of the head as shown in the figure, and the hair on the other side is processed in the same way.

Step5: Fix the two bundles of hair with bobby pins at the back of the head where they meet.

step6: As shown in the picture, combine the two bundles of hair into one, twist and roll them up.

Step7: Twist the hair into a bun, let the hair at the end of the hair wear it up, fix it with a rubber band or a hair clip, and wear a beautiful hair accessory to decorate it.

In this way, the romantic princess head is completed, whether it is the front, the side or the back, it is full of marks. MM have learned it?

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