Miss Korea teach you light and shadow

2022-08-02 17:40

The KBS web drama "MISSING KOREA" tells the story of the women workers in the Kaesong Industrial Complex and the Miss Korea delegation from North Korea in the first "Miss Korea Contest". DARA plays the representative of Miss Korea "Lee Yeon-hwa" in the drama.

In the released photos, DARA specially designed and processed the hairstyle in order to interpret the role of Miss Korea, and made the public feel like a real Miss Korea through gorgeous makeup and laurels.

DARA plays the role of a female worker working in the Kaesong Industrial Park in the drama. Even in blue overalls, she is still beautiful. The editor thinks that the most important reason is that her face is small and her facial features are three-dimensional! Let's take a look at a backstage makeup picture↓

Isn't the face too small! The nose is also great! (There are little secrets in makeup creation, I will talk about it later~)

The editor knows that there must be sisters with small and delicate faces around the girls! Every time she takes a photo, she is the most photogenic, but her face looks big and not three-dimensional, which is really annoying! In fact, using the way of contouring can make your face smaller and more delicate. So where do we start? Then look!

Light and shadow repair

First, prepare for the moisturizing treatment step. This is a must-do step before putting on foundation, to avoid waiting to look like a mummy. With the ring finger, apply eye cream on the dark circles. If you are not satisfied with the bags under your eyes, this makeup can effectively cover the bags under your eyes.

The next step is concealer. Use a brush to apply concealer to the blemishes on the first floor of the face.

Using liquid foundation, press two coats over the concealer you just applied.

When you're done, set the phone timer for ten minutes and wait for it to change. Using the powder brush, quickly brush off excess powder for a more three-dimensional and natural look.

Light and shadow repair

After the face is brightened, girls can use eyebrow powder to add a few strokes to the hairline, which not only makes the hair look thicker, but also makes the shape of the hairline more beautiful and the face smaller!

Of course, when it comes to contouring, definitely trim the sides of the cheeks to make the face look more slender. But girls, don't start too hard, otherwise it will look like they have just been beaten.

If you are afraid that it will be too obvious after repairing, you can also use the base makeup to gently press it to make the boundaries more blurred and look more natural.

Is it very simple? Make up every day as long as you put in a little more effort to become a goddess so easy!

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