"Deep Love" remake of Wang Lin's domineering retro makeup hold Aunt Xue

2022-09-26 06:02

"Huanzhugege", as the most divine drama, was about to be remade and rotten. "Deep Love and Rain" is finally on the road to remake. The plot script is based on Teacher Qiong Yao's routine, so there is no suspense. Naturally, the selection and hiring of actors has become the focus! What actresses did this new "Deep Love and Rain" choose to play the female roles in the play? After reading the editor, I exclaimed: Oh my God!

Zhao Liying as Yiping

Xiaogu Zhao Liying is very sweet, and her acting skills are very good, but she can't show her nervousness. . . . . .

Almost all the actresses have changed to new ones, but besides Aunt Xue, it's still my sister Lin!

It is estimated that even the director feels that there should be no one who can replace Wang Lin's domineering ~ Wang Lin's makeup has always been sharp and domineering, with red lips, willow eyebrows, and her eyes that can see through you, the powerful aura has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Wang Lin's domineering retro makeup holds Aunt Xue

Recently, Aunt Xue posted a few stills of retro makeup. No red lips, only classic willow eyebrows, nude makeup is low-key but full of charm.

Although the actresses have performed the retro makeup of the Republic of China, they all lack the domineering Aunt Xue! Let's see shall we? !

Na Ying

The old Shanghai-style curly hair, rich and gorgeous red lips, and a dark green cheongsam with a perspective above the chest appeared. The fashionable and vivid celebrity style made Na Ying even more extravagant.

Jiang Yiyan

The eyes are sharp and charming, the retro lip color, the red is natural but not coquettish, the whole makeup is very beautiful, and she has transformed into a beautiful lady.

But friends, don't envy them. Today, I will teach you how to create a beautiful retro makeup!

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