"Disc 5" strikes and counts the classic dinner of the spy movie heroine Look

2022-10-31 06:01

The spy war series film "Mission Impossible 5" starring Tom Cruise has been announced to be released in China on September 8. According to the previously exposed stills, Tom Cruise still continues the previous movie in this movie. "Death mode", picking up airplanes and motorcycles, obviously you can rely on stunts but relying on destiny. Netizens speculate that in this mode, will Brother Tom pick up rockets to dismantle missiles with bare hands in the future? In fact, while licking the soup on the screen, what I really care about is how many beautiful skirts Ah Tang’s female companion will change in this movie. Therefore, before it is released, let’s take a look at the previous "spy girls". The stunning look.

"Mission Impossible" series

Representative films: "Mission Impossible" 3, "Mission Impossible" 4

Keywords: sexy and strong

Because the roles of the two heroines are both intelligent and brave characters with heavy makeup and colorful makeup, and Wu Neng drew out a pistol to charge forward, they also adopted bolder designs and colors. This is from the emerald green high split and It can be easily seen on the flaming one-shouldered halter.

From the launch of the orange-yellow Lamborghini to the banquet with 12 cm rhinestone heels, this series of designs indicates that Maggie Q is definitely not a fuel-efficient lamp in this episode.

However, it is not easy to hold the high slit + large backless, and it will be gone if you are not careful, just like Aunt Jiang's.

In this episode, the moment when Jane got up and down from the BMW super run, Brother Tom's eyes were straight, okay! Jane's complexion is not fair, but she is able to control this long emerald green dress with ease. I attribute it to her healthy and plump figure and the slender legs that normally don't have at the same time under this figure.

Interlude this one. Strictly speaking, she is not considered a heroine, but she is the most brilliant supporting role in Disc 4-the female killer Molo. Considering her role in promoting the plot and she... Okay , I admit that I posted her because she was beautiful and dressed. The dark gray coat, the succinct nude boots, and the cold eyes showed the brutality of a killer.

What is more brilliant than her is the prada handbag that is named after her-the killer bag, but Molo's indifferent and capable aura made her interpretation of this handbag and the designer's original intention completely off the track, after all, they were back then. The design of pink and orange is very sweet.

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