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2022-08-01 17:16

The most classic example is when Katie Hermes is no longer the Tom’s wife, and when she appears in front of the public, she suddenly glows like a little girl. Fashion media comments turn out to be the delicate folio on her. The role played by the cardigan, from Katie's favorite Stella McCartney design, immediately dazzled the face, and no matter how unpleasant it was, it was dispelled.

In winter, major brands usually launch colored items, and this season, colored sweaters are the strongest. Stella McCartney's retro pattern cardigan is a typical example. The one-line skirt of the same color and pattern on the T stage shows the gentleness and generosity of the office, and when Katie's body is black for interpretation, it can also bring out the feminine Feminine taste. Moschino's blue and purple are also brilliant, with elements like the trendy black fake Peter Pan collar. The triangular color-blocking design of the neckline is in line with the brand's consistent playful style.

In winter, the protagonist must be a heavy coat, and the trendy people are usually black. They must use colorful sweaters or sweaters to complete the need for a sense of hierarchy. If you look closely at the streets, you will find that European and American styles always popular all kinds of thick twisted pattern sweaters, while on the streets of Japan and South Korea, more love patterns, matching them under the jacket to give a personal style.

Colorful sweaters are really the favorite of street hipsters. For example, the American version of "Vogue" fashion assistant Preetma Singh uses bright green with a variety of metal texture items, metallic sunglasses, golden metal small satchel, and silver futuristic skirts. It has become a hot spot for street photography sites.

In the face of such bright colors, you have to do more detail control. For example, Preetma Singh is so futuristic, that sweater must also be minimalist in order to match the sense of time and space; for example, Katie, the small bag hanging on the chest is the same. Retro is the only way to suppress the aura of sweaters.

Fringed sweater
Street shot

Street shot

A group of street shots on Street Snaps, all kinds of interesting sweaters became the focus. Color and pattern are the key points. If the sweater color is too dark, matching with ethnic and colorful accessories is also a version that can be learned. The tassels and bulging braids on the sweater can add interest to the sweater.

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