Display dummy retail and purchase is on-trend! Learn more!

2022-12-30 22:54

Display dummy retail and purchase are common among shoppers. Life-size mannequins with movable joints are very popular to use to display items. This article can give you some information on how to choose a display dummy. If you want to know more information about mannequin purchases or styles, you can read our other articles on this blog. Hope you enjoy reading and find it useful!


How to choose the ideal mannequin?

Display dummy retail and purchase is a new trend for shop keepers or artists. They are very useful when you are displaying items. If you are searching for some children or adult mannequins, it is always a question of how to choose them. Here are some tips for you:

1. Size matters. If you don’t know what size is suitable to use, think about your purpose and usage of the mannequin. Lets say, if you want to use the baby mannequin to display a t-shirt, its height should be around 40 and its chests of 15" may be suitable.

2. Gender matters. If you want to buy the egg-head or foam mannequins, they may be blank faces without any expressions or features. The gender and the hairstyles can active the mannequins facial expressions. You may want a female mannequin if you want to display earrings or flowers.


3. Price matters. The prices may go from $220 or more if it is a full-body display stand for Styrofoam. If you only buy a PVC head, it is very cheap, around $80 and you may get it with accessories also.


4. Shopping intentions can be level up if the finishing and color of the mannequins match the store items. You can compare between different textures or finishing of the mannequins.


5. Movable joints and postures make the mannequin attractive. The movable mannequins can boost the shopping atmosphere thus can help you create the theme that you want to deliver. So if you are selling sports clothes, do not buy the mannequin that is posing with hands on the hip only, look for something that brings the sports spirit out!  


Black or white Styrofoam mannequin for display dummy retail 

The black Styrofoam mannequin is such a classic design, same for the white one also. Boutiques use lots of mannequins to display new arrivals of clothes or bags. Today the fashion industry will deliver thousands and thousands of new designs every day that play with any colors or patterns. So the classic black or white Styrofoam mannequins are perfect to make the fashion items pop.  


The sales will not go up if nobody found the items attractive. This is very true. A model posing confidently with the clothes and accessories on is delivering the feeling that you may also look great wearing this! This is psychological sales boosting. You can only make more money from the customers until you catch their interests and heart.


The classic color of the mannequins is safe to use because it will not block the beauty of the fashion items. If you want to use the mannequins as some art projects, you can play with the color or the finishing. For example, you may decorate them with fur, glitter, or even confetti to make them shine. You can even paint on them as well.


Movable display toddler mannequins

For many store owners that sell children’s outfits, they would want the parents to think the clothes are comfortable wearing, lovely design, and easy for baby activities. Display stands can be used to represent baby clothes with different postures, like crawling or running.


Normally when it goes to life-size or clothes display, mannequins arms and one of its legs are removable, which makes it easy to get clothes changed. If parents see a baby mannequin wearing a cute little red skirt crawling, a sitting baby with his shinning logo T-shirt on, they would love to spend money on these clothes for their kids. These movable baby mannequins are well selling the clothes!


Use the right baby mannequins to display clothes is very important. Imagine, if you just fold the baby shirts on the shelf or just hang the dress on the wall, will they be attractive to consumers? This is why the display dummy retail industry is playing an important role in retailers.

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