DIY messy and playful bun is also careful at home

2022-07-22 13:59

Almost every heroine of a Korean drama has a "home hairstyle", and the full sense of intimacy doubles her goodwill.

Li Qing'e's hairstyle in "Flower Noodle House" seems simple but hides a little secret, which is the dividing line of the bangs area, which is divided diagonally, which immediately increases the three-dimensional sense of the hairstyle and makes the hairstyle much fuller.


step1. Use a pointed-tail comb, and make a slash section on the top of the head, so that the bangs are separated, which can make the face look more three-dimensional, and it will also make the hairstyle look extravagant.

step2. At the highest point of the branch line near the top of the head, take a bunch of hair strands on the top of the head, comb the top of the top of the head area, and fix it temporarily.

step3. Grab a bunch of hair on the top of the left side of the head, comb it with your fingers to the right side, use your hands instead of a comb to comb, you can make the hairstyle look natural and casual.

Step4. Fix the hair above the right ear and fix it with a small vertical clip to form a hair knot.

Step5. After putting down the hair on the top of the head, wrap it around the hair knot to fix it. Use your fingers to pull the bangs out for a layered look.

Source: jiaren Chinese website

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