Do you know what hairstyles to do on a mannequin?

2022-12-02 22:38

What hairstyles to do on a mannequin is a common question that will be asked by beauty school students when they practice their hairstyling skills. For beauty school students, it’s required for them to master both basic theory and practical skills. For theoretical knowledge, they can just attend the class and learn from teachers, while they need to practice with mannequin heads to improve practical skills.


Face shape matters a lot in making various hairstyles for both men and women. A suitable hairstyle will help to show elegance, vigor, and so on, while a failed one makes people lose all that. This article will focus on the relationship between face shape and hairstyles. It’s beneficial not only for beauty school students but also for common people.


Male hairstyles to do on a mannequin


There’re different face shapes for individuals. When beauty school students practice haircut skills, they need to learn various types of hairstyles and try on mannequin heads with various face shapes. As color is much important to the styling, the students have to practice different head model colors. For the heads with human hair, they can also learn to color by hair dye for a special purpose.


If the mannequin head has an oval face, the width of the face is two-thirds of the length. Pushed Back long hair, Side-Parted short hair, Fringed Up hairstyle, Undercut hairstyle, and so on are all suitable. For the square-shaped face, the jaw is wide and the edges and corners of the face are quite sharp. Neat and short hair is the first choice, such as Undercut, Slicked Back, Crew Cut, Faux Hawk, and so on.


If the manikin head has a round face, There are no angles or prominent lines for this kind of shape. The amount and the length of overhead hair must be focused on. Undercut, Faux Hawk, Fringe Up, and so on are all ok.  For the oblong face, the most prominent feature is the high forehead and long chin. To avoid the vision of too long face, just cover the forehead with fringe. Side-Parted, Buzz Cut, Side Fringe are considered.


If the head model has a diamond face, it must have a narrow chin, a narrow forehead, and prominent cheekbones.  A much shorter hairstyle should be avoided. Long Hair Pushed Back, Faux Hawk, Side Fringe, and so on can be taken into consideration. For a heart-shaped face, the following 4 styles are for your choice: Pushed Back, Side Parted, Side Fringe, and Undercut.


Female hairstyles to do on a mannequin


There’s a wide variety of hairstyles for women, such as wavy hair, curly hair, straight hair, bob, Afro, Pixie cut, Beehive hair, Pixie cut, Beehive, and so on.  If the head prop has a heart-shaped face, the following elements are advised to be included. First, oblique and stratified fringe can help to shift attention from the pointed chin to eyes and cheekbones. Second, short hair is much better, such as a pixie cut.


For the square face of the female head model, generally speaking, the hairstyle should cover part of the forehead and cheeks. To set off a narrow and soft effect, make the hair vertical to both sides. Ultra-short hair must be given up for this and long straight hair is a good choice. Bob style with hair over the chin can be tried.


For the manikin head with a round face, the cheeks are plump and cheekbones are wide. Curly hair will increase the volume of the face. You can consider long hair and make curls at the shoulder position. Rihanna’s tapered Bob hairstyle can be considered for this. Kate Bosworth, Oprah Winfrey, and Cameron Diaz are all with this face shape and their hairstyles can be consulted.


If the mannequin head has a narrow chin, a narrow forehead, and prominent cheekbones, he must have a diamond face. And also the edges and corners are quite distinct. The fringe needs to be plump and the hair on the back of the head needs to be fluffy. All the hairstyles for square faces are just suitable for the diamond. Just consult Taylor Swift for example.


As the question of what hairstyles to do on a mannequin has been solved by the above tips, we also need to pay attention to the relationship between hair color and hairstyles. The right color helps to make the hairstyle more charming and fashionable. If you want to buy mannequins for hairstyles, the following website is for your information.

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