Dongtian fantasy lip glaze is stunning, the longest lasting lip glaze in the history of the market makes you a charming "bad girl"

2022-09-19 06:02

We always like to restart or upgrade ourselves at a special time point, close those useless programs loaded on ourselves in the past, and get a new life; or fix several bugs in ourselves, and upgrade version 1.0 to version 2.0 or even higher . Many people like to set various goals or plans for themselves. For example, starting today, go to bed and wake up early every day! ! ! However, the editor made such a plan for myself, this spring and summer, I want to be a charming "bad" girl.

Bad girls are uninhibited and flamboyant, and live beautifully by themselves. And her wish must be to live a beautiful life. The first step to change can start with a perfect lip glaze. A bright lip color can directly change your aura. Looking at yourself with red lips in the mirror, it is difficult to think about self-confidence.

Dongtian fantasy lip glaze

Dongtian Fantasy Lip Glaze was personally developed by Mr. Li Dongtian, the "Godfather of Fashion". With his years of professional beauty experience, from formula coloring to brush head design, it all shows the quality of Dongtian's professional makeup.

Ultra-high color saturation, the savior of deep lip color stars

The editor himself is a star with dark lip color. Every time I see a good-looking lipstick, the effect of my own application is different from others, because it is difficult to cover my own lip color with lipstick alone, and it cannot show the ideal effect. Dongtian fantasy lip glaze is rich in color and has super high saturation. Even if you don’t need a lip concealer, just one layer can perfectly show the color of the lip glaze itself, and little fairies with some lip problems don’t have to worry about covering up. not live.

Dongtian Fantasy Lip Glaze No. 21

Drinking water without sticking to the glass, dating a male god is not embarrassing

I believe that many girls will encounter this kind of embarrassment. After drinking a few sips of drinks, the lips will be depigmented and mottled, and they need to be reapplied all the time, which is very inconvenient. The unique ultra-long-lasting formula of Dongtian Fantasy Lip Glaze can maintain a day without taking off makeup, and drinking water will not touch the cup, so that the full lip color will always be in the best state, and you can go on a date with the male god with confidence.

Dongtian Fantasy Lip Glaze No. 23

Matte velvet texture, fashionable and not drying

No. 21, 23, 24, 25, and 26 of Dongtian Fantasy Lip Glaze have a matte effect, with a unique velvet texture, smooth coloring, and a high-level matte finish. What is more commendable is that although the texture is matte, it will not be too dry. It is recommended to use Dongtian Fantasy Lip Balm as a primer before applying lip glaze, so that there will be no peeling of lips all day.

Dongtian Fantasy Lip Glaze No. 24

A wide choice of colors to meet all your needs

The whole series of Dongtian Fantasy Lip Glaze has a total of 7 colors, plus a transparent lip gloss. The 7 colors are divided into matte and bright textures. No. 21, 23, 24, 25, and 26 are matte effects. No. 25 is red, No. 21 is bright and vibrant, No. 25 is red in temperament, and No. 26 is an aunt's color, which is the first choice for girls with personality. No. 22 and No. 27 are bright textures, flesh-colored and rose pink respectively, which are most suitable for commuting to work. No. 28 is a transparent color lip gloss, which is not fluid but not sticky. It can instantly smooth the lip lines and bring nourishment and protection to the lips.

Dongtian Fantasy Lip Glaze No. 26

Dongtian Fantasy Lip Glaze No. 27

Dongtian Fantasy Lip Glaze No. 28

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