Don't choose the wrong shoes for what foot type

2022-08-10 12:40

Hello, good evening, vitamin C babies.

As soon as the rainy season is over, the temperature in Nanjing gets higher day by day. Walking on the road feels like being melted.

In this kind of weather, floral dresses and beautiful sandals are the standard equipment for little fairies.

"I don't know who invented the high heels, but women all over the world have to thank him."—Marilyn Monroe.

Which girl can resist such beautiful shoes?

But! Although the shoes are beautiful, it is really difficult to control them. Almost every girl has suffered the skin and flesh caused by squeezing the feet with shoes, and I am no exception.

When grinding the feet, every step is like dancing on the tip of a knife. I had to comfort myself crazily: The same goes for the mermaid princess! (Sad...)

I want to wear beautiful new shoes to go out, but what should I do if I am worried about grinding my feet? Today, I will teach you to "prescribe the right medicine" to liberate our jiojio in an all-round way.

Tips on choosing shoes: From the beginning of choosing shoes, there will be no mistakes!

 From foot type 

To choose the right shoes, you must first know what kind of foot you have? We mainly talk about the first three most common.

The Egyptian foot is the most common foot type. When choosing a shoe type, sisters can chooseshoes with a slightly sloping toe, which fits the toe curve better and feels more comfortable to wear.

This type of foot is not suitable for pointed shoes. Long-term wear is not only easy to wear off the skin, but in severe cases, it can also cause the thumb to turn out.

Roman feet

Roman feet are also called "square feet". The toes of this foot are almost on a horizontal line, the toes are wider, and square-toed or round-toed shoes with the same wide toe are hin-friendly.

This type of foot is also not suitable for pointed shoes. Its narrow toe will bring pressure to the toes, making it uncomfortable to wear.

Greek feet

The characteristic of the Greek foot is that the second toe is the longest. It also has a better name, called "beautiful feet". It is said that this foot type is the foot type with the highest probability of being beautiful.

(Like Venus, Statue of Liberty, etc. are also Greek feet.)

Phase than the other foot, the foot is the most suitable Greece pointed shoes. The V-shaped toe just allows the longest toe to be at the position of the toe, and it will not squeeze other "innocent" toes at all.

But...Sisters with Greek feet are best not to try fish mouth shoes.

The second toe is too long, it will be unsightly to wear.

From material 

The material of high heels also determines its comfort to a certain extent. Harder artificial leather is very likely to grind your feet.

Stretchy sports fabrics, sheepskins, cowhide, etc. are not easy to grind, but they are relatively delicate, easy to crease, and can't touch water.

From the heel 

Generally classified according to the height of the heel:

You can test it according to this formula:

(Leg Length + Shoe Height) ÷ (Height + Shoe Height) = 0.618

Note that you must choose a height that you can bear, otherwise it will cause great damage to your feet and waist.

The thinner the high heels, the more difficult it is to control. Novice babies are advised to start with thick heels . The stability and comfort are more friendly.

How can I not grind my feet when I receive the little shoes that I want to do? Look down with me quickly. Anti-wear products can be roughly divided into 3 categories (without ads, rest assured to eat :

1. Anti-wear foot sticker

2. Anti-wear foot pad

3. Anti-wear foot spray/paste


It is the more commonly used one! Take it out of the bag when you rub your feet, it's simple and convenient, suitable for emergency situations.

The disadvantage is that the exposed part is not beautiful, and it is easy to move and fall off after a long time or sweating.

3M anti-wear tape 

I like it very much. It is invisible and transparent, so it is easy to tear, and it is comfortable to fry chicken on the foot. It is very sticky, and meets medical standards, and has good air permeability.

The disadvantage is that the wife is too will leave glue when it is torn off.

Multifunctional anti-wear stickers 

Just like the name, where is the paste? And it has a certain thickness. If you paste it before going out, you will not wear your feet all day long.

This type is directly padded in the shoes, which is more suitable for the situation of too large or too small shoes.

Half-yard pad

The more common one is the half-size pad, and the soft fufu is placed on the forefoot position, which can effectively reduce the shock and relieve the pain.

Don't avoid this kind of grainy.


The material is also a soft sponge, with a slight thickness, mainly to increase the contact surface of the heel to prevent the feet from being worn, and the comfort is also high. Moreover, it is very sticky, once attached, it is very firm and not easy to move.

It is not suitable to stick it in shoes that are too expensive, and they may not be torn off.

Shoe Expander

This is really a must-have for home use! The scope of application is very wide, and most shoes can basically be used.

Mainly rely on physical methods to support the upper, no matter whether the toe is too narrow or the shoe size is too small, there is no problem.

It should be noted that do not take it out immediately after opening it. The effect will be more obvious after leaving it for about 12 hours. Don't stretch it too much at once, or you'll have to put up half a yard of stickers.

Anti-wear foot spray/cream 

Let’s talk about the new "net celebrity" product, the anti-wear spray, which is mainly small and light, very easy to carry~the appearance value is also quite high.

(Recommended by Zhang Ziyi in Cannes.)

Spray wherever you rub your feet, and a slippery film will be formed to reduce friction.

The foot cream is also similar, it is as slippery as it is waxed when applied to the parts that are easy to grind the feet.

The disadvantage is that it needs to be reapplied every few hours, and a small bottle is quick to use, and it may not last long if you use it every day.

Having said so much, do you have a new understanding of protecting jiojio? Although beautiful high-heeled shoes look very exciting, but...comfort is still the most important thing before considering the appearance.

In addition to rubbing their feet, what problems do Victoria C encounter when wearing shoes? Leave me a message.

That's it for today, good night everyone!

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