Don't know what to wear, look at Yang Mi and Song Yanfei

2022-10-17 06:02

The spring outfits of female stars finally started from the practical commuting when they resumed work, and now they are full of the breath of spring. This week’s spring wear inventory is really good! good! Look!

The big power of the recent wear, all reveal the gentle feeling of spring breeze caress. The fresh matcha green T-shirt inside the white irregular sling is a fresh and sweet spring limited edition.

Yang Mi Top: Loewe

Inside: MO&Co.

Socks: Calzedonia

Shoes: Crocs

Wu Xuanyi, who often switches beautifully between angels and "devils", makes sister O shine every time she wears clothes. The white look is pure and clean, and the red heart pattern ♥️ brings sultry sex appeal, it is heartbeat!

Wu Xuanyi sweater: Palm Angels

Pants: SMFK

Package: Chanel

Spring is the most suitable season for outings. Xuan Lu's sporty style is super nice ~ Nike white crop top + black sports trousers are youthful and casual, people can’t wait to go outing with Xuan Lu~

Xuan Lu Total Look: Nike

The passionate girl heart makes life never monotonous~ Tan Songyun also has a white T on her upper body, but the red square pattern is completely eye-catching. Such a passionate design sense makes it impossible to be bored!

Tan Songyun Top: Carven

White printed sweater + light-colored jeans + canvas shoes stepped on the heel = energetic beautiful girl, said Wu Xin wearing a cowboy baseball cap. Many people can't resist looking closely, but Xin Xin's details are completely perfect.

Wu Xin Top: Brandy Melville

Shoes: Converse

In addition to the color echoes on the clothes, a closer look shows that there are two different colored clips on the pockets of Xin Xin's sweater. It is super interesting ~ Xin Xin's identity as a "wearing blogger" has become more and more real.

Zhong Chuxi's latest outfits are also indispensable in white items. All kinds of styles can be controlled by white, and the fresh and natural sense of vitality is the gentle spring limit~

Zhong Chuxi Top: Miu Miu/RHUDE/Off-White

Shoes: Jordan Brand

In the days without going out, there are various good dramas and variety shows to bring color. Like in the latest issue of "Ace vs. Ace", the ace family always loses. Guan Xiaotong accepts punishment and chooses the same "powder bucket" twice, which really makes Sister O sweat for her.

It's no wonder that Xiaotong has always liked pink. The latest two life photos are all in pink, which is very age-reducing with the ball head.

Guan Xiaotong's upper body is a pink T-shirt, which is thin and very suitable for the current weather, with a fisherman hat of the same color that is eye-catching and individual.

Guan Xiaotong Top: Chrome Hearts

Angelababy's upper body purple short knit cardigan, matched with high-waist denim flared pants + sneakers full of vitality, Dior handbag is refreshing and cute, it is a fresh and natural beautiful girl!

Angelababy Top: Ann Andelman

Pants: re/done

Package: Dior

Zhou Jieqiong wearing a purple taro cardigan, creamy white jeans + pink canvas shoes is gentle and pleasant, with the sweetness of taro macchiato, which makes people feel like spring breeze.

Zhou Jieqiong's shirt: 2208 M DECAF

Shoes: Converse

Necklace: abyb Charming

The vitality girl Zhao Yihuan, the premise of beautiful dressing is comfort, the upper body cheese yellow hooded sweater + Leggings is super cute, and she can wear and wear well.

Chaoyue Yang has recently fallen in love with various cartoon-style patterns, not to mention they are really unique and beautiful, with the sense of beauty of a little girl, so cute~

Yang Chaoyue Top: Vetments

Nabi's outfits followed the artistic route of oil painting texture, dark green cardigan, washed blue jeans and yellow bag, the color contrast is gentle and decisive, full of girls' thoughts.

Ouyang Nana Top: Aritzia TNA

Pants: Drew House

Shoes: Converse

Package: Gucci

Yuan Shanshan, who likes to mention the status of "fitness blogger", really wants to make people All in when she resumes work! Pink sweater + light blue "daddy pants", paired with a pair of white shoes that are easy to walk and photogenic, the sweetness and softness of cotton candy will come out all over the screen!

Yuan Shanshan Top: Vetements

Shoes: Nike AF

Hat: Alexander Wang

Song Zuer's spring is really full of colors~ The color-blocking V-neck sweater is stunning and thin, and it is more gentle with light-colored jeans. When you go out for a walk, wear it like this, and look at the flowers, and you've already enjoyed the spring.

Song Zuer Top: H&M

Package: Loewe

Shoes: Maison Margiela

For girls who like dark colors, properly expose the skin of their wrists and ankles to avoid visual sultry feeling, which will not be dull at all! Compared with Song Qian’s small waist, Sister O thinks that Jimei’s belly should be protected, but don’t catch a cold.

Victoria Song Top: Nike

We who promised "We must eat hot pot when the epidemic is over" turned our heads and saw Song Qian had eaten it. Song Qian was wearing a warm yellow short-sleeved shirt, and her bright and beautiful sense of vitality filled the whole spring.

Victoria Song Top: Jacquemus

Speaking of the weekly inventory of outfits, Song Yanfei will be amazed by Song Yanfei 9 out of 10 times. This week CC has performed "How to elegantly wear a shirt out of holiday style" and put on the Prada early spring series, which is romantic and lazy.

Song Yanfei Total look: Prada

Song Yanfei appeared at the airport, Gucci shirt is cool and fashionable, messenger bag + loafers retro art, the chain necklace on CC neck is the most attractive to sister O, super Swag!

Song Yanfei Top: Gucci

Bags & shoes: Dr.Martens

Ouyang Nana, who came out of the oil painting, stepped into the campus sweet drama again. The college-style shirt with a doll collar and the clean, book-like atmosphere is immersive. Can you please ask me to be a friend?


Zhou Yutong, wearing a white shirt, has an elegant temperament that allows the sun to avoid the heat and only warm it. The exquisite tailoring and oblique button design are a bit more French and lazy than commuting shirts, simple and fashionable.

Zhou Yutong's top: Aimme Sparrow

The super-exaggerated lace neckline and fluffy puff sleeves, Zhang Ruonan wearing a white shirt is simply "blatantly" releasing a girly feeling! The sweet breath makes the corners of the mouth rise, and it's too cute to wear this way.

Zhang Ruonan Top: Etro

Package: Dior

In spring, there is a big temperature difference between morning and evening, and you can go out beautifully during the day, and it is still a bit cool when the breeze blows in the evening. Put on a windbreaker in the office, whether you are dating or meeting clients, take a walk after dinner, so you don’t have to worry about catching a cold~

Angelababy windbreaker: Dior

Just because "Zhang Tianai wears and matches" boarded the hot search Tianai, private server has always been a representative of comfort and good-looking. Wearing a color matching windbreaker, matching leggings + sneakers, Tian Ai looks laid back and at ease, living her little life leisurely, this is the taste of spring.

It is said that spring is the most suitable season for windbreakers. Zhang Xinyu, who resumed work, wore a white windbreaker neatly, simple and advanced.

Victoria Song wore a color-blocking denim trench coat on her upper body, showing two kinds of excitement in one light and one dark. The belt is full of aura, with super shorts "+ leather boots hot and cold, the queen's domineering appearance is invincible.

Victoria Song coat: Givenchy

If spring has magic power to make everyone young, it is also because spring is so gentle and gently cares for everyone's heart. In spring clothes, Sister O still likes to put comfort first, after all, only when she is comfortable can we better embrace spring.

Coulee Naza skirt: me&city

Have you thought about what to wear tomorrow?

Just let your "heart of beauty" wake up and interact with spring~

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