Don't tell me you still don't know what "dizzy" eyeliner is

2023-02-10 20:37

Guide: Have you noticed that hazy beauty has become more and more popular in the entertainment industry recently? Don't show all the flesh in the clothes, hazy, vaguely revealing sexy will attract people's attention. The same is true for makeup, such as lip color, biting lip makeup that has been popular since a very early age, and seemingly non-existent colors will make girls have more attractive lips. The same is true for eyeliner. Today's female stars are no longer keen to draw a straight black eyeliner. A little bit of eye makeup and a little bit of makeup can make the eyes look hazy and mysterious.

So, what is halo eyeliner? In fact, the popular point is still an eyeliner, but it has a slightly dizzy makeup effect, a little lake, a little lazy. The dizzy eyeliner is also very easy to draw. It is very easy to use. There is no need to worry about handicapped parties, just rest assured.

Draw a simple eyeliner, then rub it with a cotton swab, and you will immediately have the effect of smudged eyeliner. If you are creative, you can also use eyeliners of different colors to draw a hazy beauty with different feelings.

Having mastered the essence of dizzy eyeliner, let's take a look at how female stars successfully interpret dizzy eyeliner. There is no harm without contrast. Is the eyeliner lake much better than a straight eyeliner? Make your eyes more natural, deep and hazy.

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