Don't wear too much soil like this anymore! ! !

2022-12-05 06:01

Good evening, tonight is a coke that takes you away from the earthy taste.

People depend on clothes, beauty depends on pretty clothes!

The clothes worn on the body can best reflect everyone's taste and aura. Because of individual differences and understanding of beauty, people wear different styles.

Not to mention amateurs, even the female celebrities who are meticulously shaped every day in the entertainment industry are too useful when they are too powerful!

When a star wears it at the airport, you can see fashion through the surface.

Some female celebrities with stable performances and online stylists and personal tastes can always lead the latest trends in the country in the first time and set off a wave of heat.

The daily private clothes of these female celebrities look simple and comfortable, but they can see the "carefulness" in the styling.

However, there are also some female stars who overstretched.

For example, Wu Xuanyi, who was born in a girl group but can't wear the "girl group style"...Her fashion taste is extremely erratic and unpredictable...

I'm afraid it's not eye-catching enough to wear at the airport...

The twinkling big padded jacket is her favorite item in winter.

The faces and figures are all top-matches.

The stylist can't wait to hang on her the hottest items and elements of the season, but lose the original beauty.

There is a saying that even female celebrities with good faces and figures can't figure out their own style and are easy to wear "earth flavor".

Let alone ordinary girls, they must master some of the daily "wearing elements" of daily life!

Our goal is: farewell to the earthy taste and bid farewell to cheap!

After Shanghai Fashion Week ends, Taipei Fashion Week follows.

The open style of painting is the negative teaching material that Coke is going to talk about today: the colors are garish, the design is vigorously and stylishly, and in the end, only the rustic is left.

The big beauty Xu Ruoxuan and the immortal goddess Lin Yichen were also sculpted this time.

Colorful and full of folds, there are too many elements that I want to incorporate, but the original beauty is lost.

In daily life, I often see friends who love to wear "rainbow elements". With a fancy look, I can't wait to wear a rainbow on my body.

But the rainbow color is very picky and the design, ordinary people do not have the expansive temperament of the sky, please stay away.

The fancy patterns are also easy to create rustic.

In this regard, Jolin Tsai is really "just right." There are no elements that the queen can't wear, only patterns that haven't been designed yet!

"I can't wait to put nature on my body..."

With the fancy street look, everyone must have seen it before.

For example, Zhong Liti's airport dressing is very delicious.

The above bells and whistles are all worn with closed eyes, and they can stay away from the word "advanced". How can they be worn elegantly?

Cola has taught you how to wear it in the same color series many times.

The sense of luxury on the left is obviously better than LOOK on the right.

Unexpectedly? The fashionable female stars in the picture are all Chung Liti Benti.

If you don't like the monotony of the same color system, remember that you should not have more than three colors and elements on your body.

Even if they belong to the same color system, don't complicate simple items.

Suits are also a favorite item in autumn and winter, especially the "earth color".

Wearing this fall's hot belt can make mediocre styles instantly fashionable.

Advanced players, naturally, have already mastered the above elements of dressing, and they can increase the difficulty of dressing.

Contrasting colors, simple and complex outfits, you can go to chic street near fashion week to shoot~

Forcibly pretending to be tender is also a drag on the "premium". If it is not good, it is easy to create a sense of "cheap".

Transcendence and Xiaotong, a mature and cute face, used to love "Miracle Love" or "Good Girl Next Door" very much. The princess temperament did not reflect, but it was a hindrance to her appearance.

"No Lolita face, please stay away from pretending to be tender."

Like this kind of big flower, cute bear printed LOGO, Coke has been seen a lot on the street.

The age ranges from 1 to 60 years old.

It seems cute, but in addition to the born cute baby, the adult wears the upper body, but it is counterproductive.

Little floral is not the same as cute! ! !

Floral + doll collar is not the same as cute! ! !

Contrasting colors have been very popular in the past few years, but you can’t just hit them as you like. It’s easy to produce a chemical reaction called "rustic"!

So, how can you look elegant and tender so that you can be cute and natural, without creating a sense of disharmony?

There are skills in wearing flowers. If you want to be tender, don't wear broken flowers.

Choosing a flower-patterned sweater for autumn and winter is completely fine. When choosing a style, don’t choose the raised shape of the flower, it is easy to get fat~

The details of the selection are also very important, and the appearance of tenderness can also adopt some "court style" design elements.

Wearing the upper body, nobleness and youth are obtained at the same time, which is the best of both worlds.

The most important concept: tenderness depends on style, not decoration!

For example, Chaoyue Sister’s "dark princess dress" that surprised me last year's fashion week is much more advanced than the past "lady dress"~

As people's requirements for dressing are increasing, on the streets, you can often see items with complex tailoring and styles. But some tailoring and styles are strange and not fashionable!

Such as pleated skirts that are easy to wear.

But there are always some styles that do not follow the routine. The upper body exploded like a hedgehog, or unremarkable, it just pierced through with a touch of elegance.

Speaking of stacking, it is also a necessary skill to wear.

Master layering, you can create a sense of design for your own clothes.

Horizontal stacking is fashionable at the moment, and stacking that extends downwards will visually feel "sloppy and long-winded", which is completely unsuitable for daily outings.

When I saw the tassels on the street, I realized that the tassels will never go out of style.

But there are always some sisters who are inexplicably obsessed with tassel items. But it ignores the current fashion circle, not very much.

If one is not careful, it will be full of soil.

Ripped jeans are really weird and fashionable fashion items.

Jolin Tsai is definitely the "Queen of Holes". The jeans she wears are always a bit overstretched...

Even the beautiful legs of Zhong Chuxi and Ouyang Nana are a little strange in ripped pants.

There are also some jeans hovering on the edge of the "holes", which are also full of rustic...

But the ripped jeans with a very high rate of going out of the street expressed dissatisfaction.

When choosing a style, do not break the area too large, and do not choose the styles above that have not been broken. The generous matching of the basic tops will be very eye-catching!

How do ordinary people wear clothes with a sense of design?

For items with a strong sense of design, don't match complicated elements, everything is OK.

The number of layers is not too much, but the match~

If you want to be advanced, the last point must be mastered, stay away from cheap texture!

To put it simply, in addition to looking at styles, quality and material are also the key to buying clothes. Take the sweaters that everyone has, there are many styles and shapes alone.

Thick needle dense knitting, fine knitting method, thick thread twist, thick thread hollow...There are also machine-knit sweaters, and the styles are dazzling.

The texture of the sweater on the body is more important. The fine needles are more advanced than the thick needles, and the upper body is more fashionable.

As an excellent single product for autumn and winter, the texture of shirt is also very important.

Don't choose the thin layer of style, harder material will be more stylish.

The upper body is more temperamental, and layering can also create a sense of fashion.

I really don't like hard fabrics, so I started with silk and satin materials, which are not only high-end but also expensive.

A black suit is also common on the streets in autumn and winter.

But some suit fabrics have soft uppers, and there is no three-dimensional version of woolen suits. Both commuting and daily shopping can cope with it.

The choice of windbreaker also depends on the texture.

Glossy windbreaker is easy to lose shape, and there is always a cheap style of painting on the body.

Choose a windbreaker with a higher thickness. The three-dimensional style can enhance your personal aura!

Jackets are also essential clothes in winter.

Whether it is a windbreaker or other styles, a looser design is easier to match the street than a single product of just the size, and it can also cover body defects well~

However, it is not recommended that you choose long styles for very sassy clothes such as leather jackets. The large-area leather feel will have a rustic feeling.

A small short paragraph, paired with jeans and canvas shoes, more western style~

As long as you protect yourself from lightning, stay away from weird designs and colors, choose simple and generous styles, and make a little collocation, you can stay away from earthy flavors!

Coke looks forward to the successful transformation of all sisters, away from the earthy taste!

Do you have any dressing skills? Welcome to add them online~~

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