Don’t wonder why Roaring Emperor got divorced. Ma Jingtao’s clothing is the real mystery.

2022-12-05 06:01

A divorce confession officially ended the marriage of Ma Jingtao and Wu Jiani. At first, this 21-year-old couple who was a year-old couple used to be a good story in the entertainment industry, but now they have also chosen to go on separate sides. The reason for their divorce became the first mystery in the minds of netizens, but in fact, the editor was even more curious about Ma Jingtao's honey clothing than his prying eyes on the private lives of celebrities.

Mystery 1: Why do you like "breastless outfits" so much? !

Whether it's a red autumn clothes or a white shirt, as long as it is worn on Ma Jingtao, the button on the chest has never been fastened. Knowing that Roaring Emperor, you are in good shape and have perfect lines over 50 years old, but you don't have to wear a deep V to show your pectoral muscles every time you appear. Now it looks really a bit spicy. If you want to choose a topless madman who can compete with Kardashian among the many domestic stars, the actresses have to stand aside, and the editor first recommends Ma Jingtao! (Do not accept to fight...)

Like to wear topless outfits, is it because of excessive rants? !

Mystery 2: Why do you love tights so persistently?

Netizens who are familiar with Ma Jingtao's private server, it is not difficult to find that if this veteran male god would never stop showing off his chest muscles. Do not wear a deep V to show the flesh, but wear tights to interpret the "cracking feeling". Even fashion editors who are accustomed to looking at various personality styles are a little unacceptable. Is it really good to dress like this to pick up children from school?

Mystery 3: Have a honey love for a complete set of white suits

There are thousands of styles of men's suits. Why would Ma Jingtao prefer this wide white suit? And the pants will never fit! Deep V + fur + wide-leg pants, constituted the roaring emperor's dress code. But is it really cool to wear this way?

Moreover, Ma Jingtao's weird taste for trousers is not only reflected in his choice of trousers, but various exaggerated trousers with holes also occupy half of Ma Jingtao's wardrobe. This squat reveals the hole design of the whole leg. Is it more straightforward to change into shorts?

Mystery 4: Love fur scarves is better than everything

No matter indoors or outdoors, even on the stage of variety shows, Ma Jingtao wears his favorite fur scarf. Such a local tyrant's single product really does not match the temperament of an old man.

Mystery 5: Only use one photo pose in a lifetime?

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