Dress lightly, the lazy fashion of sweatpants, this fall can be comfortable to the end

2022-08-08 06:01

It is no longer a matter of one season or two seasons that sports are popular in the fashion circle. Every season, one or two items of this style become popular. The hottest fall and winter this year are striped sweatpants, which lasted until the 17th spring and summer. Don't think that the usual striped sweatpants can only be worn to the gym. Now they can be fashionable when they go out on the street.

What? Don't you believe it? Fashionable people who are wearing to see this show, irregular mix and match tops and sweat pants are almost standard of the new season, want to stand out in the mass trend, how to learn with is a serious matter. Don't hesitate, now pull out the striped track pants that you used to wear to the gym from the closet.

The white letter Logo Tee is paired with striped sweatpants, plus a pair of all-match white shoes, even if you carry a shoulder bag casually, it is fashionable and energetic.

Paired with a feminine printed shirt and light-colored striped trousers, the collision of elegance and sports is actually very eye-catching.

A printed Tee paired with Adidas classic striped sports, and then stepped on a pair of cool short boots , the mix and match is more handsome than imagined, of course, don't forget that a uniquely designed bag can add points.

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