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2023-01-02 06:01

A group of women gathered together and chattering. They are not discussing how your skin has improved recently, but also discussing how to be beautiful. Anyway, Jolin Tsai also said that people don’t love beauty, and heaven is dead~

Speaking of how to transform into baby muscles, of course a mask is indispensable! My friends are asking me every day, "Which mask is easy to use? Can the mask be applied every day? Fan Bingbing's good skin is really applied?" , The editors of this issue of [Editor Evaluation Team] decided to test all kinds of masks for you! Whether it is a sheet or a cream, everything is available!

Let’s answer the questions first. There are thousands of questions about the mask, but I only answer three. Come hit me~

Q1: Can a facial mask really improve skin texture and moisturize it?

My answer is: If you really put the solution to dry skin on the mask, you would be very wrong. First of all, from the perspective of classification, facial masks are mainly divided into two categories: cleansing and moisturizing . As for what whitening and anti-aging, everyone can take a look~"Ten minutes to become younger"? Why don't you go to heaven if you are so powerful? (Special skin care needs require special skin care products to prescribe the right medicine to be effective!)

In general, the main appeal for facial masks is to hydrate and moisturize immediately, but in terms of efficacy, the role of moisturizing is greater than the meaning of moisturizing. The following is a description of a typical mask ingredient list:

From the product analysis table, most of the ingredients in the moisturizing and moisturizing mask are moisture absorbents in the moisturizer. They can grab some water molecules by themselves and stay on the epidermis of the skin. The water molecules stay on the surface of the skin to moisturize! But, in fact, This is really not "moisturizing"! When the climate is relatively dry, the water molecules will say goodbye to you! Therefore, applying a mask can only quickly increase the moisture of the skin in a short time. Rather than continuous "moisturizing."

Q2: What should I pay attention to when choosing a moisturizing mask for different skin types?

In fact, if your requirement is just to replenish hydration, there is really no requirement. Whether it is dry, normal or oily skin, as long as you have hydration needs, it is ok. However, sensitive skin and acne-prone skin should be selected carefully! Take a closer look at the ingredient list of the mask. Some masks will add other functions to the moisturizing effect, such as whitening, oil control, etc., and corresponding ingredients will be added to achieve the effect. If you have sensitive skin, pay attention.

Q3: How long is the period of applying the mask? Can it be applied every day?

Applying the mask 2-3 times a week is not a problem. It is not necessary to apply the mask 2-3 times a week. It is not necessary to apply it as long as you are free! Unless your stratum corneum is really thick, and it is healthy and healthy! Otherwise, apply the mask too frequently. It may cause dermatitis~ It is a good thing to love to apply a mask, it is really unnecessary to apply it every day. It still depends on the needs of the skin!

The previous situation summary is over. The editors are going to personally evaluate all kinds of masks for the babies. The eyes are already staring~ I'm really looking forward to it~

This time it’s coming out, no! The masks that came out are:

Petrov Pure Renewing Black Mud Mask RMB430/150ml

For Beloved Name Refreshing Happy Good Night Gelly RMB450/100ml

Sulwhasoo Moisturizing Soothing Mask RMB280/80ml

Elizabeth Arden Time and Space Elastic Sleeping Mask RMB590/50ml

Filorga Smooth and Glossy Mask RMB399/50ml

Ou Tili Moisturizing Mask RMB240/50ml

MINON Amino Acid Moisturizing Clear Mask RMB120/Box of 4

Hada Labo Marine Mask RMB79.9/5pcs/box

Petrov's facial mask is a multi-effect facial mask-cleaning and repairing in one, in fact, in the summer oil secretion frequently, small blackheads, acne and other skin problems frequently appear, a deep cleansing mask can be said to be a must.

This mask is mud wrap texture is not particularly heavy , you know from the sleeve inside is black mud wrap it, applied to the skin of water more obvious sense , but good push, there is a drawback that is not equipped with a little digging Spoon, use your fingers when you take it. And in order to avoid multiple pollution, it is best to use it up quickly!

First, I did an absorption and gentle test on the back of the hand, because many cleansing mud masks have a tingling sensation, but I am a person who is very afraid of pain, so do not rush to face before using mud masks. Can the skin adapt?

Although I applied a very thick layer, my skin didn't feel too much burden. After 10 minutes, the absorption was obvious. The mud film dried out slowly, and I basically couldn't poke it. As a sensitive muscle, I didn't feel too obvious irritation. It belongs to a relatively mild cleansing mud film.

I finally poke my face with my fingers. Fortunately, there is no irritation on the face. It is a very cumbersome thing to wash off after using it! It took about 10 minutes to wash off after cleaning. The skin feels a little tight , which is normal. After doing basic skin care, the skin feels clearer and the cleansing effect is good!

The smell of Ou Tili's mask is very fresh , the texture is relatively light and thin , and it will not feel very thick if you apply a lot of it, so it seems relatively difficult to cover the skin. During the process of applying the mask, its texture will not dry out and the skin will not be tight. Looking at the comparison of the photos, you will find that the film after 15 minutes of application is thinner than when it was first applied, and it should have been absorbed by the skin.

Compared with a creamy mask, this mask is not particularly difficult to wash when it is washed. It can be washed off with water. It must be washed off! Because my neck and forehead are a bit unwashed, there are residues in the mask. I rubbed a little when applying foundation. This mask can also be used for sensitive skin. It is very gentle . When I want to moisturize the skin intensively, I will use it as a sleeping mask. The skin will be very moisturized the next day .

I personally feel that this mask is more suitable for use with other moisturizing products. For me, it feels that its moisturizing effect is not that strong, so I will pair it with a moisturizing serum. After continuing to use it for a while, I feel that its biggest advantage is its mildness, which is suitable for summer soothing and calming skin after sun exposure!

This mask comes with a cooling sensation, it is very thin , and the upper face is very icy, like a mask that has been frozen in the refrigerator, it is very suitable for summer. The essence is watery , but it will not drip from the mask, but if you squeeze it, you can squeeze out a lot, the amount is! It is enough! The excess essence is enough to wipe the neck and arms. Deep-sea seaweed and sea salt are added to the essence to calm and soothe sensitive skin without irritation.

Because it is made of Tencel , the texture is very light and thin , the breathability is good, and it is compliant, so don't worry about the mask cloth is not firmly attached. During the application process, the cooling sensation continues, and the skin does not feel dull, I love it!

The sticky feeling on the surface of the skin after application is still a bit, but not serious. It can be followed by skin care steps without washing it off. But I personally like the refreshing feeling of the skin. After applying the mask, I will wash it off with water~ After applying this mask, the most obvious feeling is that the skin feels very moisturized ! The effect of timely moisturizing is good! Overall, it is very comfortable , I will often use it in summer.

The moisturizing effect is very good, the skin is refreshed after application , and it feels full of moisture, and it is very cost-effective , even if it is applied every day, it will not hurt~!

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