Enjoy the changing moment, Pantene's "little white tube" brings a new experience in hair care

2022-04-19 15:03

Fast-paced urban life and environmental pollution have brought a lot of "negative energy" to women. Therefore, in today's women's homes, those bottles and jars on the dresser that take care of the skin are indispensable. However, when people take care of their skin to the best condition, they find that due to neglect, the damage accumulated over the years has made the hair dry, yellow and split. Rough hair greatly reduces the overall image, so it is not enough to only maintain the skin, and the care of the hair cannot be ignored.

Many women's hair maintenance only stays at the stage of daily washing and care products. In fact, if you want to greatly improve the health of your hair, you need to take more care of your hair. Just like skin needs a repair serum, damaged hair needs intensive repair.

Pantene lotion repair and maintenance hair essence essence milk RMB35.5/5*15ML

To get your hair back to its most perfect state in the shortest possible time, you can experience the "magic little white tube" - Pantene Emulsion Repair and Conditioning Hair Essence Essence, which can make your hair look as healthy as ever. Made for emergency-to-damage hair, 'Little White Tube' is an intensive repair serum that can help visibly reduce split ends. In just 15 days, it provides SOS-like first aid repair to hair.

Contains high-tech high-concentration repairing essence, the repairing ingredient is 2.5 times that of the same volume of Pantene lotion repairing and moisturizing essence. If your hair has just experienced the "destruction" caused by dyeing and perming, you can also use Pantene CLINICARE Dyeing and Perm Repair Damaged Hair Rejuvenating Serum. It's the first dropper-style leave-in serum in premium hair care, allowing precise dosage control.

As a leading brand of damage repair, Pantene uses the power of technology - Pro-V Vitamin B5, so that your damaged hair can get the same treatment as skin care, and you can enjoy a new hair care experience at home! Want to have healthy and shiny hair like Lin Chiling, the goddess of Pantene? Then hurry up and try "Magic Little White Tube"!

Pantene CLINICARE Dyeing and Repairing Damaged Hair Rejuvenating Essence (disposable) RMB44.9 /30ML

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