Essential Oil Three Steps Emmas teaches you to get skin care in 1 minute

2022-07-07 14:51

Under the current popularization of skin care knowledge, everyone who loves beauty is a small skin library. They choose skin care products from their skin quality, care about the ingredients of the products, and pay attention to the methods of use. However, in the ocean of skin care, it is not so easy to achieve professionalism. easy thing.

Take some aromatherapy as an example, the amount of essential oil each time must be precise in order to achieve the corresponding effect. Skin care products too. I recently learned the usage of the essential oil trilogy, which is a good skin care technique for essential oil type skin care products.

In the morning skin care, I focus most on cleansing + moisturizing, and neither of these two steps can be missed. Cleansing removes oil from the skin at night and also opens the skin's absorption channels. Afterwards, use a toner or serum as a secondary cleanse and moisturizer. Recently, Emersy released a 5th anniversary touring box set. I will use this set to give you an example.

After cleansing, if you have enough time, use Aromatic Toner as a moisturizer.

The first step in the essential oil trilogy is to "warm" your skin care products. I like to rub my hands together a few times to warm up the beauty lotion. For sensitive skin, or in the case of large temperature differences in winter, palm warming can reduce irritation and increase product penetration.

The second step has the effect of refreshing the skin, which is "smell". First pour the aromatic beauty lotion in the palm of your hand, take a deep breath and you can smell the faint scent of sweet orange blossom, and the mood will quickly become comfortable. Because essential oils can regulate the nervous system through the human body's sense of smell, and neroli essential oil has a very good calming effect, especially when you wake up early and cause poor sleep and dizziness, smelling the essential oil is the best way. .

The third step is "press", gently pressing the cheek. Aromatic beauty lotion can be tapped into the skin to hydrate and moisturize the skin. In this way, when you put on the base makeup, you will not be afraid of makeup and floating powder.

I'm tired when I come back at night. After I remove my makeup, I usually simplify the complexities and give my skin a simple maintenance.

Or use this aroma care kit. The aroma beauty liquid has the effect of deep moisturizing and repairing. It is the best for moisturizing the skin and linking fatigue. In addition to whitening, rose flower water also has the effect of removing yellowness and dullness, especially the hidden dangers of dullness and pigmentation caused by skin fatigue, which can be solved one by one.

Pour a part of the flower water in the palm of your hand, then pour 1 drop of the fragrance beauty liquid, rub it back and forth with the palm of your hand, after mixing, pat it directly on the face, that's it.

The whole process only takes about 1 minute. If you use a leave-in makeup remover with a better makeup removal effect, you can basically complete the makeup removal and moisturizing within 3 minutes, which reduces the time and energy, and it is still a good choice.

Use essential oils in three steps to wake up the muscles in the morning, and use the aromatic beauty liquid to repair at night. A simple set of 3 steps can meet the needs of the day.

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