European and American star lip makeup encyclopedia cosmetic bag must-have to IN temptation lip color

2022-06-27 14:43

Red carpet lip makeup luxury inventory of European and American celebrities

Opening remarks: Notes on lipstick color selection

Do not simply follow the crowd.

Coral orange

Suitable for skin tone: a popular choice.

Mildew has recently added a lot of points to her overall makeup look, completely getting rid of the reputation of "country queen". The coral color is more popular in Asia, and her wheat-colored skin is also very bright. It is a less picky color. It's perfect for everyday looks. It's great for smoky eyes in earth tones.

Hot This Summer: Multicolor Lip Bites

Lip-biting makeup is actually very flexible in the choice of lipstick color. Any color can be matched in tone. Coral and orange colors are very suitable for summer. If you like sweet styles, you can choose between pink and peach. You can choose to buy lip makeup products that have been tested on the market to avoid trouble.

Rose nude

Suitable for makeup: heavy eye make-up

The color nude is a very versatile lip color.Even light eyeliner makeup can be matched with it. If the makeup bag is full of bright and jumping colors, there must be times when you don’t know which eye makeup to use, like nude pink. It can be of assistance to you, but girls with dark skin tones may not look good when painted.

Rose red

Fair and cool skin tones are suitable.

The cool-toned rose red is more suitable for girls with fair skin. It is more suitable for girls with sexy thick lips like Max. The rose red will enhance the overall look and temperament. It is very suitable for wearing as a dress at a banquet, but it must be shaped well. Flawless base makeup, otherwise it will magnify skin blemishes.

berry mix

Skin tone appropriate: warm skin tone, brightening

Girls who are eager to brighten their complexion or have a yellowish or dull complexion can choose this year's hot berry color. Beth's lip color has a very good effect on skin. Even if you don't wear makeup, you can apply it alone, and it will look brighter. The berry color is orange and fluorescent pink. When applying lipstick, you can mix and match the two colors with a lip brush to create new colors!

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