Even if you don't wash your hair, you are still charming and stealing the first aid trick of the teacher

2022-09-19 06:01

But if you have to go out, you can't go out in a sloppy way. How to take care of your greasy hair? Let me introduce you to some tips!

SHE member Ella recently publicly challenged not to wash her hair for 3 days. Although Ella, who is already married, has reduced a lot of activities after her marriage, she is a star after all. Even if she has no time to wash her hair, she has to appear in the event. , and Ella chose a half-tied ponytail for this event, combed her bangs upwards, and then applied some styling agent, who can see that she hasn't washed her hair for a few days!

Fan Bingbing

small S

Xiao S revealed that before marriage, she was a girl who didn't like to wash her hair frequently, but her hair quality was relatively good and it was not easy to get oily. She would also choose some oil-controlling shampoos, plus her short hair of 4:6 points and no bangs , Even if the hair is dirty, the oil will not be too obvious, so those MMs who are prone to oily hair can try a 4:6 short hair style!

Kristen Stewart

Xiao K has been exposed by the media that she does not like bathing or shampooing her hair, but she is still the most beautiful in fashion magazines. In fact, it is because Xiao K knows how to take care of her hair. When her hair is dirty, she can simply put a ponytail into it. Fit and capable, clean and energetic.

Zhang Ziyi

The International Chapter was awarded the Best Actress in the Hong Kong Film Directors Association for her role as Gong Er in "The Grandmaster", followed by various celebration banquets, media interviews, etc. in the past few days, and actresses will also appear in their busy schedules When taking time to clean up her hair, it is easy to find that Zhang Ziyi always prefers elegant updos when attending events, which is refreshing and dignified, even if she has not washed her hair for many days, it is difficult to notice.

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