"Evil does not suppress the right" | Jiang Wen always has these high-level beauty in movies

2022-08-29 06:01

After four years, Jiang Wen ’s new work "The Evil Does Not Suppress the Righteous" finally meets with the audience. As the final chapter of Jiang Wen's "Republic of China Trilogy", "The Evil Doesn't Suppress the Righteousness" still adheres to the classic Jiang-style movie style, which is sexy but not sexy. Erotic, bloody but not scary, romantic and not hypocritical, full of hormones, but without losing beauty and innocence.

This is a revenge story that took place during the Republic of China. There are justice and evil, complicated emotional entanglements, and national hatred and family hatred in the story.

But compared to the story itself, I love to see the characters in this story. Both men and women, in Jiang Wen’s movies, they must be charming and wild. The hormones and emotions hidden in them are always discovered by Jiang Wen. It has to be just right to hit people's hearts instantly. Peng Yuyan 's chest, Xu Qing's hips and Zhou Yun's lips are the biggest highlights of the whole movie.

In the movie, the "Li Tianran" in Jiang Wen's eyes is not a great hidden man, but a big hormonal boy, with a childlike childishness and a knight-like spirit. Because he witnessed the killing of his relatives in his childhood and was burdened with revenge, he returned to Peking on the eve of the July 7th Incident. While taking revenge, he indirectly affected the whole situation.

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