Exploring the inner secret garden to decompress and start from scratch

2022-10-31 06:01

So you searched all over the Internet, and bought this world-famous picture book at a high price, hoping that you could really build your own "Secret Garden" as the propaganda copy said, and give yourself a moment of tranquility to fight Anxiety and anxiety. In your imagination, the final work should look like this -

But in the end it became like this-

In social life, people must maintain proper manners and a decent image all the time, for fear that they will make mistakes if they are not careful, and of course they cannot tolerate that they cannot even draw a coloring book well. Aside from the question of whether "Secret Garden" can relieve stress, people are more concerned about why stress is always inseparable from us, and how to release stress in a scientific and healthy way.

Both contemporary Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine clearly address the impact of emotions on physical state and personal life. The experimental research of American physiologist Elma has proved that when people are angry, the physiological reaction is very violent, and many toxic substances are secreted at the same time. When negative emotions persist for a long time and physiological changes cannot be recovered, emotional stress can damage health.

Just like many people don't know that their bodies are actually in a state of sub-health overwork, the "scalp overwork state" that mostly appears in urban white-collar workers aged 25-55 is also easily overlooked. "Scalp overworked state" is a borderline state between scalp health and disease. Due to the environment, psychological pressure, and incorrect life washing and hair care habits, the scalp will be burdened. If the burden exceeds a certain limit, the scalp barrier will be damaged, resulting in a state of overwork, which is embodied in the repeated occurrence of dandruff, greasy and itchy scalp, Scalp redness and hair loss.

In turn, the state of the body also affects the human mind. Just like dandruff, many people in modern cities are troubled by dandruff. The appearance of dandruff will affect people's external image. The greasy and odorous hair has become the last straw that breaks the camel's back, causing many people to suffer from dandruff. Depression and self-pity psychology, and after repeated treatment fails to achieve the effect, people's psychology will have more violent fluctuations.

In the "Blue Book of Chinese Scalp Health", a psychological questionnaire and scalp and hair health survey conducted on 210 female young people showed that scalp itching, dryness, hair odor, greasy, falling off, etc., will eventually have a negative impact on the psychological state. Causes increased social anxiety. In particular, the increase in dandruff particles can lead to lower self-esteem and self-confidence. More research of this kind has shown that hair and scalp health have strong psychological attributes for both women and men.

One of the most important problems in the shadow of the "scalp fatigue state" is that many people begin to question their health status after repeated treatments for dandruff are ineffective, and they will also suffer from dandruff in their daily social and emotional lives. Influence. Just like a man and a woman in love, if one party sees that the other party has dandruff, they will naturally have questions about the other party's physical and life health problems, which will inevitably affect the communication of feelings. In this way, a vicious cycle is formed between excessive psychological pressure and "overworked" scalp health.

Keeping your scalp healthy and free of dandruff and your hair soft, smooth and shiny will allow you to face the pressures and challenges of the day with a refreshing mind and an optimistic attitude. Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Silky Smoothing Care Series can not only help the scalp reduce moisture loss, but also accurately provide scalp nutrition from the inside, rejuvenate the tired scalp and hair, and fundamentally solve the problems of dandruff and dry hair. Shake your hair and let the stress go away!

After a day's errands or desk work, listening to music, exercising, walking, and raising flowers and birds are all good ways to reduce stress for modern urbanites. If energy is limited, a hot bath can also work well. Combined with Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Refreshing Shampoo with a super cooling formula, it can not only remove excess scalp oil caused by outdoor activities, but also provide a thorough cooling after shampooing. Let tension and stress go away with the refreshing and cool mint aroma.

Color is alive. The rose-red color is reminiscent of flamingos and the fragrance of a thousand wildflowers in spring, bringing liveliness and hope. Turquoise is reminiscent of grasslands, forests and the names of 10,000 trees in nature, bringing freshness and vitality. Magical colors don't necessarily have to be painted by urbanites, but learning to enjoy their powerful positive cues can help ward off stress. Just like the sense of new vitality brought by Head & Shoulders products, every morning starts a new day with hope and confidence!

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