Eye makeup new tricks bright sequins counterattack to create a gorgeous feeling

2022-10-17 06:02

Chanel Silver Glitter Sequin Eye Makeup

When the elegant Chanel girl appeared in people's sight, without exception, they were all impressed by the shock in their eyes. Just after Dior, Chanel also played the sequin elements into the eye makeup. The silver-white sequins extend from the tear ditch to the curvature of the double eyelid, and the end of the eye is slightly raised, echoing the lower lash line, just like a spring day. Fairy-like, magnificent and beautiful.

JPG tear trough diamond eye makeup

Compared with other shows, the sequins used by the JPG makeup artist are much simpler. In order to match the exotic style of Gypsy makeup, 3 exaggerated rhinestones are used to embellish the left and right tear grooves and the side of the nose respectively. It's about finding the bright spot in the crowd quickly. If you hate the complicated makeup process, sticking only one or two rhinestones is more suitable for you.

Brilliant Sequin Eye Makeup Tips and Methods:

Simple eye makeup: The exaggerated way of eye makeup stickers must be under the premise of ensuring simple eye makeup. Use high-gloss eye shadow or light eye shadow to smudge on the eyelids, and then draw the inner eyeliner with black or coffee-colored eyeliner.

Clear eyelashes: It is taboo to match sequin eye makeup with heavy eye makeup and false eyelashes, so just use mascara to simply curl the eyelashes, because the light and shadow of too thick eyelashes will block the effect of sequin eye makeup .

Nude Pink Lip Gloss: Pink shades won't distract viewers from the sequined effect, but paired lipsticks don't need an overly shimmery jelly effect, which can be distracting.

Large sequins: Only large rhinestones or sequins can magnify the eye makeup. In the process of pasting, you can use the false eyelash glue at home to complete it, and use tweezers to pick up one by one and stick it to the eye. week.

Arabesque Spring Limited Edition Eyeshadows

The world-renowned ballet dancers are all from France and Russia, but in fact, the true birthplace of ballet was Italy, and then it flourished in Paris as an artistic performance exclusively for the upper class in Paris at that time. A performance that is still regal and elegant to this day, it was cited by Laura Mercier as the inspiration for the limited-edition makeup collection of the Arabesque Collection in spring in 2013.

Kryolan Charm Smoky Pen

Long-lasting, easy to smudge, the refill is soft and the texture is easy to use, you can easily outline the big misty eyes without too many skills, you can use the eyeliner alone, or you can use the smudge brush to smudge the eyeliner to create smoky and charming big eyes, It is recommended to pair with eye shadow powder to create multi-layered deep and large eyes.

Dior Seduction Rich Collagen Lip Gloss

Take your cherry lips to another level with instant plumping and plumping for unparalleled plumping effects in the blink of an eye. The unique formula of Ocean Lip Spheres softens and plumps, combined with the moisturizing and smoothing properties of Hyaluronic Acid Spheres, giving lips an instant 'volumizing' appeal.

RMK Control Color UV Primer

RMK's latest Control Color UV primer helps to regulate dullness and uneven skin tone, and when applied, it acts like a transparent light filter.

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