Eyebrow pencil turned cosmetic knife? Just know these points

2023-01-23 06:01

Ding, here is the editor who just got connected to the Internet at home.

A few days ago, when I was sorting out the collection of Super Sa girls, I found a familiar figure, Shen Yue.

*Photo source magazine ICON

Maybe because I am on the 2G network, my memory of her is still stuck in the magazine photos of the wild and thick eyebrows.

After looking through the recent news, I found that her super-A girl's posture is getting more and more full. Among them, my favorite is this boyfriend style! (a bit like Rainie Yang)

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Compared with the previous look, I don't know how much advanced the eyebrow shape is! He has transformed from over-exerting charcoal black eyebrows to thin straight sword eyebrows, full of heroic spirit.

At the same time, in terms of color, I chose a dark gray that is slightly lighter than the hair color, which is very natural!

The comparison between before and after really ruins everything. Even celebrities are constantly stepping on thunder for eyebrows, not to mention those of us who don't have stylists. So how can you draw the right eyebrows?

After doing a series of homework, I found a few strategies for you, and then we will talk about them one by one!

eyebrow trimming

If you want to draw a good eyebrow, you can't do it without a good foundation, so the first step is to trim your eyebrows!

[Prepare props: eyebrow trimmer, eyebrow comb, eyebrow pencil, scissors]

Find the end of the eyebrow, the head of the eyebrow, the peak of the eyebrow, and determine the shape of the eyebrow!

[Brow tail] is the best one of the three. On the extension line of the nose and the end of the eyes, the height is generally similar to that of the brow. If you want to look more energetic with bare eyebrows, the end of the brow can be slightly higher than the bottom of the brow.

[Meifeng] If you look straight ahead, the nose is the extension of the outer edge of the pupil! Or there is a very simple method is you look in the mirror with wide eyes and eyebrows raised, and then the eyebrows present the highest depression!

[Brow] The basic positioning is to connect the nose and eyes, or frown (head). However, be careful not to widen the distance between the eyebrows if the distance between the eyes is too wide in the five eyes, otherwise it will be very dull!

Grooming & Trimming!

After confirming three points, you can start pruning!

yutube: Soundtiss ST

Step1: Take out your eyebrow brush and first comb the eyebrows along the direction of the eyebrow growth, comb the front end up and the tail end down, and then shave off some miscellaneous hairs that should not exist.

yutube: Soundtiss ST

step2: Comb your eyebrows again, cut the eyebrows beyond the eyebrow shape with scissors or an eyebrow trimmer, so that the clean eyebrows will come out~

Tips: When shaving your eyebrows, you must ensure the angle, and try to use it at a 45° angle close to the skin, so that it is less likely to be scratched, and it is more labor-saving to shave against the eyebrows~

eyebrow trimmer recommended

Etude House eyebrow trimmer

Zhao Xiaoquan nose hair trimmer

Beiyin eyebrow trimmer

For sisters like me who are not used to "cutting" their eyebrows directly with an eyebrow trimmer, I would recommend a pair of scissors with an eyebrow comb or a round head, which is convenient to use and safer.

eyebrow color

After finishing the eyebrows, let's talk about the eyebrow color. The easiest way to do it is to lighten the hair color! If you have dyed your hair, then you can refer to this form!

eyebrow color chart

dark grey, black

light brown, coffee

red tone

dark brown, chocolate

Other cool tones - light gray

Other warm tones - light brown

You can't go wrong with your eyebrows and hair in one color. If you dye your hair in a gradient, or if your new hair grows out of whack, it's even easier, just pick the color of the roots!

Recommended eyebrow dye

Kate eyebrow tint

newbie lasts

Durable waterproof

Convenient and compact

Here I recommend three more versatile eyebrow dyeing creams, all of which are suitable for beginners. For daily use, 1 and 3 are enough, and waterproof look for Kissme~

eyebrow shape

Finished trimming the eyebrows and choosing the color. Now is the time to thrush the eyebrows. In the first part, let's talk about how the basic safety eyebrows are operated. (Inclusive of school package meeting)

Safe eyebrow painting!

Its eyebrow setting method is actually similar to the above eyebrow trimming.

step1: Confirm the auxiliary lines of the eyebrows, eyebrow peaks, and eyebrow tails. Take the highest point of the eye socket as the horizontal line to determine the height of the eyebrow tail.

Then outline the overall brow shape, so the outline is there! But pay attention to the eyebrow tail to be higher than or equal to the height of the bottom of the brow!

Source: Magazine Fan

step2: Hook shape, here we should pay attention to the eight words "upper virtual and lower real, front shallow and back deep".

The specific painting method is to start from the lower edge of the eyebrows, first from the middle of the eyebrows to the end of the eyebrows, and then from the eyebrows to the middle of the eyebrows.

step3: Strengthen the outline, fill in the color, and modify the details!

The first is to fill in the eyebrow color according to the above outline. The simple explanation is to fill in where the sparseness is, and finally adjust the center of gravity according to the distance between the eyebrows and eyes.

Source: Stills "Tiansheng Long Song"

If the distance between the eyebrows is too wide, the lower part of the eyebrows will be deepened. If the distance between the eyebrows and the eyes is too narrow, the eyebrows will be raised and raised, and the high and low eyebrows can also be relieved by this method!

Finally, use a brow brush to smudge the brows, and then finish off the edges with concealer. Friends who have eyebrow powder can also brush it again to make the eyebrow color more even!

eyebrow powder recommendation

Suitable for novices

rich colors

For eyebrow powder, the main thing is color, try to choose warm colors!

Makeup eyebrows!

The basics are over, let's talk about the advanced version of the eyebrow thrush method. Its core is to modify the face shape and adjust the facial features through the three variables of brow, brow peak and brow tail!

How to draw eyebrows?

[Brows] The distance between the eyes can be adjusted. The wider the distance between the eyes, the face will look very young, but there is also a disadvantage that it will look dull and the eyes are dull!

If the relative eye distance is too narrow, it will appear mature, so here you need to adjust the desired brow according to your own style.

In addition, it should be noted that the adjustment is also within a safe range, and it should be controlled within the corner of the eye and the junction between the root and the eye socket! ! !

How to draw eyebrow peak?

The height of [Meifeng] can directly affect the distance between the eyebrows and the eye and the length of the atrium. If your face is too short or you want to have a more aura, then set the eyebrow peak higher, and vice versa.

* Stills Shake, Shake, Shake to Grandma Bridge

There is also a range about it, the lowest can not be lower than the eyebrow, the highest has no upper limit~

In addition to the height, the radian of the brow peak and the distance from the brow are also exquisite, so let's take a brief look here~

Long face is suitable for eyebrows with soft and smooth lines, it has a "shortening face length" effect!

And the eyebrow peak will be indented in the distance between the eyebrows and eyes, making the eyes look more energetic!

The eyebrows are long and short?

Regarding the length of the eyebrows, it has something to do with the width of the forehead. If the chin is round or square, then you can choose long eyebrows, and those with a sharp chin can be appropriately shorter~

In addition, it is also related to style. If you want to become more intellectual and atmospheric, you can properly draw the tail of the eyebrows thinly and long, and if you want to be more stable, you can make the tail of the eyebrows more rounded~

In addition to the above three points, finally I have to add another knowledge point, should I draw thick or thin eyebrows?

This is determined by the height of our eyes and the length of our face. For big eyes and long faces, we can choose thick eyebrows, and small eyes and short faces recommend thin eyebrows!

eyebrow pencil recommendation

Miss Buddha

Easy to get started

cheap and easy to use

Shu Uemura

natural color

Sisters who want to see the eyebrow pencil evaluation can click here → eyebrow pencil evaluation, we will not introduce more today~

So today's article is here, isn't it very simple! The novice party also recommends that the safety eyebrows be drawn first, and then advanced cosmetic eyebrows!

Because only when you know enough about your face hardware problems, you can change three points according to your desired style, and it is not easy to make mistakes. Don't blindly follow the trend!

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