Face blind can't buy train tickets? Please find Aaron Kwok girlfriend from the following internet celebrities

2022-10-24 06:02

12306 is also broken...

Several groups of verification questions for online shopping train tickets posted by netizens not only identify the faces of celebrities, but also include various difficult and shocking questions such as animation and geography. The brain hole can't be bigger!

How...are you sure you can't get mad until you buy a train ticket?

At this point, the editor suddenly has a lot of fun, and I want to join in the fun and come up with a few questions to play! I would like to dedicate this topic to patients with deep face blindness, as well as straight men with cancer who have no basic knowledge of beauty~

1. Eyesight questions:

Please find out [Aaron Kwok's girlfriend] from all the internet celebrities in the picture below

Correct Answers: 3, 5

2. Beauty common sense questions:

Please find [Blush Brush] from the following makeup tools

Correct Answers: 2, 4

Please find all [French manicures] from the image below

Correct Answers: 2, 5, 6

Please find the [biting lip makeup] in the picture

Correct Answer: 3

how? The beauties who are well versed in the beauty of beauty at ordinary times will definitely be able to buy train tickets smoothly! If you can't get the correct answer very smoothly, hurry up and learn it~

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