Fan Bingbing's secret to make-up: a mask with deep water

2022-07-22 11:24

Female celebrities are a magical species

Years are particularly tolerant to them

Even gravity can't help them

Fan Bingbing, who debuted for more than 20 years

Even though I often stay up late to film and catch up the draft

The skin is still white, firm and beautiful without makeup

Maybe even you in your 20s can't surpass

In addition to natural beauty, Bingbing's beauty is also inseparable from years of meticulous care.

In her skin care manual, hydration must be the top priority

High-quality skin must be inseparable from adequate moisture.

In the Dream of Red Mansions, Jia Baoyu said: A daughter is made of water.

From the image point of view, Ping Ting's graceful women are often described as watery, which shows that gentleness like water is the unique beauty and charm of women.

On the surface, the importance of water to women is even more self-evident. Moisture-filled skin presents a healthy, transparent and firm texture, with a delicate, clean and bright texture, soft and graceful, and radiant.

Who doesn't want to be a beauty like a lotus flower, but the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny

You must have encountered the following embarrassing scenes:

1. After carefully dressing up, I went to the appointment happily, but found that my skin became pink and mottled after makeup, and my mood instantly went down.

2. As the seasons change, the skin becomes more sensitive, red, swollen and peeling from time to time, and the skin becomes rough, dry, and irritable.

3. Applying the mask every day, but only replenishing water without locking in the water, but the skin gets drier as the application is applied, silently distressed the small purse that has been thinned in order to buy the mask.

4. I stocked a lot of facial masks, but the shape of the mask was not compliant, and the essence dripping was too serious, which slowly consumed the interest in applying the mask.

5. Careful skin care, skin care products have not fallen, the corners of the eyes and cheeks are still growing out of small fine lines caused by lack of water and dryness, when the fine lines become real wrinkles, no matter how many "OMG" is called To no avail!

Moisture is the soul of the skin. Dry skin and lack of water means getting old, ugly, wrinkled, and dull...

Therefore, it is necessary to take precautions against hydrating. It is too late to improve the skin due to various problems due to lack of water. It is wise to keep the skin full of water in daily life. Lift.

The hydrating secret of the queen of masks

Fan Bingbing has always been well-known as a mask madman. Whether on the way to an announcement or between filming breaks, as long as you catch some free time, you can see her wearing all kinds of masks, and often I don’t hesitate to share my beauty secrets with everyone. After all, good skin also needs to be taken care of by the day after tomorrow.

Fan Bingbing has an almost obsessive pursuit of perfect skin, and also has her own deep understanding of Asian beauty. Therefore, the beauty brand FAN BEAUTY she founded has been dedicated to making every ordinary girl can enjoy the ultimate star. Beautiful right.

In order to develop a mask that she dreams of, she teamed up with global Top manufacturers such as intercos and cosmax as well as top R&D experts in the skin care industry. After a long period of research and development, she finally launched this high-quality mask tailored for Asian women. High-tech, high-demand, high-standard facial mask—— FAN BEAUTY sea grape moisturizing facial mask .

A good mask, of course not only moisturizing the surface

According to the survey results of consumers, the current water-locking effect of sheet masks is far from the expectations of consumers. There is still a big gap between the actual use effect and their own expectations of water-locking. Moisturizing can only stay on the skin. On the surface, applying the mask in this way is just a waste of time and energy.

FAN BEAUTY Sea Grape Hydrating Moisturizing Mask not only stays on the surface of the skin to moisturize, it is an exclusive innovative hyaluronic acid ice -gelling mask cloth , using "sandwich" innovative technology, "first purification", "deep moisturizing", "Qing translucent", triple advanced moisturizing , Reappears boundlessly hydrated.

Innovative three-layer membrane cloth

The first layer is the skin-friendly and turbid layer. The skin is clean enough to make up for the moisture. In the inner membrane cloth fiber close to the skin, negative ions are innovatively added to absorb cadmium, mercury, lead, zinc and other heavy metals in the skin to purify the skin, clear the pores, and open up water channels.

The second layer is the dense water replenishment layer. Revolutionary changes in the fiber molecular structure of ordinary membrane cloths, greatly improving the hydrophilicity of membrane cloths, incorporating hyaluronic acid into the membrane cloth fibers, and fusing with the essence liquid, presenting a squishy texture, ensuring a source of deep hydration.

The third layer is a one-way water-locking layer. High-density fiber membrane material, continuous intensive water culture. One-way skin hydration does not run off, and the mask will not dry for a long time. Don't worry about the mask sucking the skin's moisture back.

Ordinary Tencel membrane cloth is exposed to the air and is almost completely dry after 30 minutes, while the hyaluronic acid ice gel membrane cloth still has a water content of as high as 70% after 30 minutes.

Build a benign circulation channel for water replenishment

It is better to teach people how to fish than to teach people how to fish. The special raw material of sea grape moisturizing mask, called "green caviar" from the deep ocean of Okinawa, Japan, can significantly enhance the synthesis of collagen. Replenishing water first replenishes collagen , which fundamentally improves the moisturizing power of the skin. It not only replenishes the surface, but also builds a benign circulation channel for replenishment.

Coupled with the five selected vitamin B groups, it can strengthen the healthy skin barrier, and the triple-molecule hyaluronic acid can achieve high-permeability hydrating. These all make the mask's hydrating effect infinitely advanced.

Many people must have heard this sentence: Sun protection is also anti-aging! A person who insists on using sunscreen every day is at least 5 years younger than his peers who are not.

People who insist on using facial masks and those who never use facial masks will definitely be different. Only when the skin is full of moisture in daily life, the skin will become your proud little pride. But remember, you must choose a mask that can really effectively hydrate and refuse to waste time and money. Not everyone can be beautiful as Fan Bingbing, but it can be better. If you want to work hard to become your ideal self, start with the small thing of hydrating.

There are so many natural beauty, but they are all carefully taken care of.

FAN BEAUTY Sea Grape Hydrating Moisturizing Mask, the secret of the makeup queen Fan Bingbing, you can also easily own! All splendor will eventually be calm, only the skin and soul shine!

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