Fashionable and upright! Unlock the fur vests of the little flowers

2022-10-17 06:01

I don't know when, the entire fashion circle looked for new inspiration in the 1960s and 1980s.

Seeing that the'hair vests' of grandparents returned to the trendy ranks again.

Think about how resistant we were to this'old antique' when we were young, and how much we love it now. It has become a'autumn and winter new true love single product' for many young ladies and brothers.

Song Yanfei picked this fur vest in the latest airport photo. White vest + blue shirt, classic blue and white color matching, even in the dull winter, you can wear it with good vitality. With the blessing of the fisherman hat, it has a sense of fashion~

Knitted waistcoats are commonly known as wool vests or wool waistcoats.

In the early 1970s, various knitted items began to move to the forefront of fashion. In the 90s, when the yuppie style prevailed, fashionable elites used knitted vests to mix and match other items to create a different, elegant and retro trend.

Knitted vest vest (picture from Flashbak)

In the recent Louis Vuitton 2020 Spring/Summer show, knitted vest vests also emerged. The thinner strap design and sequin elements make this retro item look younger.

LV 2020 Spring/Summer Fashion Week show (picture from IC)

1. V collar (sweetheart collar)

The most popular reason for knitted vest vests is that in addition to actual wear, they also have their own artistic temperament. The point is that they are very anti-age!

Like Song Yanfei, changing the sweet and cool girl style of the past, with the combination of old school knitted vest + checkered pants + beret, the visual reduction of 5 years in minutes.

Song Yanfei (picture from IC)

The sweetheart collar fur vest is inevitably said to be the'standard equipment for township officials'.

In fact, the choice of style is one aspect, the key depends on how to match it. For example, wearing a sports sweater is very youthful and full of girlishness.

Trendy street shooting (picture from IC)

The V-neck knitted vest is a good friend of short-necked stars. The larger the neckline is, the more obvious the advantage, and it also has a face-lifting effect!

Liu Wen uses shirts and jeans to match the knitted vest, which is casual and comfortable.

Liu Wen (picture from IC)

2. Wild round neck

Don't underestimate the knitted waistcoat. Even in 9102, it is still a frequent visitor to fashion week shows and a "treasure item" for celebrities.

His versatile attributes are even more powerful, from matching T-shirts, shirts, skirts to suits, trench coats, etc., it's almost'everything can be a woolen vest'.

Trendy street shooting (picture from IC)

Knitted waistcoats seem to be rarely seen in high-necked styles, with V-neck and round necks in the majority.

In fact, the high-necked style tends to look stubby and suffocating, while the low-necked style allows the neck to stretch freely. If your neck is cold, just wear a high-neck bottoming shirt inside!

Zhou Xun (picture from IC)

If you want to wear this kind of fur vest, you have to spend more time on matching, with a shirt skirt + trousers inside, to increase the sense of layering, and get the French girl style in minutes.

Trendy street shooting (picture from IC)

A small knitted vest vest allows you to have grace and temperature at the same time.

Whether it's an outside ride or an inside ride, it's very popular.

Zhang Bichen (picture from IC)

3. Vintage jacquard

The combination of jacquard or letter patterns with various colors makes the knitted vest vest more advanced and makes the overall shape more outstanding.

For example, the Nordic-style knitted vest vest worn in spring and spring, with a see-through shirt with a puff sleeve design inside, is a sweet little cute in a second.

Li Yuchun (picture from IC)

The checked knit vest is the easiest to wear the British retro style, and a windbreaker is put on the outside, and the sense of layering comes out, and it is sassy and heroic.

Trendy street shooting (picture from IC)

In autumn and winter, the favorite of fashionistas is all kinds of piles and piles of wear.

For example, Lan Yingying's bottoming shirt + knitted vest + checkered suit are warm and chic.

Lan Yingying (picture from IC)

Generally, the patterns of jacquard knit vests are already very rich, so it is best to follow the "simplified + complex" dressing rules, and match some solid-color items, such as white shirts, that are clean and comfortable to look at.

Trendy street shooting (picture from IC)

4. Simple solid color

The solid color is best to match and it is not easy to wear it wrong, with a white shirt, there is a kind of obedient bookish breath.

Wang Likun (picture from IC)

The navy blue knitted waistcoat and white shirt are simple and advanced. Wearing a tie is full of academic style!

Trendy street shooting (picture from IC)

The combination of fur vest + shirt can be said to be evergreen in autumn and winter, and it is a magical feeling to wear it casually.

Trendy street shooting (picture from IC)

If you think that the knit vest is stuffed into your pants, it looks like an old cadre, you can stuff the corners of your clothes at will or expose all of them, it will be more lively!

Trendy street shooting (picture from IC)

Although the Oversize silhouette is not very easy to control, you will be the most fashionable girl on the street if you wear it right.

For example, a Boyfiend striped shirt and knee-length skirt inside a thick linen knitted waistcoat vest is a warm and healing autumn and winter trendy Look. That's right!

Trendy street shooting (picture from IC)

With the help of lines and tailoring, the large college style knitted vest vest can also deduce the casual and casual Boyish Style.

Girls who can be taller can wear long skirts inside, which are elegant and casual without procrastination!

Trendy street shooting (picture from IC)

Compared with the ruggedness of the thick linen style, the thin line design makes it easier to perfectly show the gentle characteristics of women.

Trendy street shooting (picture from IC)

Knitted waistcoat made of lamb viscose wool makes the warmth index soar, so you won’t be able to get out of the street when you put on thick sweaters!

Trendy street shooting (picture from IC)

6. Short waist

The short knit vest is more playful and individual. Whether it is wide or thin shoulder straps, it can create a lazy retro style.

And it can stretch the waistline to make the legs look long. Girls who want to highlight a good proportion should remember to choose it!

Liu Wen (picture comes from the brand's official website)

The short knit vest is matched with the lantern sleeve shirt, the style is stronger, and the feeling of a passerby is instantly shaken off.

But the busty sister paper is not suitable for wearing this, it will appear to be very wide on the upper body, if the shoulder straps are too wide, it is easy to visually set off the thick arms.

Trendy street shooting (picture from IC)

Knitted waistcoat + profile suits are also popular nowadays. Pairing with checkered suits like Yang Mi has the yuppie style of the last century, chic and handsome!

Yang Mi (picture from IC)

The short knit waistcoat is equipped with a white basic bottoming shirt, which is simple and atmospheric, and has a little abstinence.

Trendy street shooting (picture from IC)

In fact, the'hair vest' is not earthy at all, and very fashionable. It is more special than a sweater, and more plastic than a sweater.

After a few days of cooling off in the cliff style, wearing a shirt is too cold, a sweater suit is afraid of getting angry, and keeping warm, but taking off a well-wearing fur vest couldn't be more suitable.

Many friends around me are planning to re-knit one of @妈妈or Grandma, how about you?

Writing/Planning/Typesetting: elaine

Producer: GaGa

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