Fashionable fishbone braids & bangs braiding tutorials

2022-07-27 14:57

The braided hair with bangs not only makes the style more individual, but also shows the beautiful face of the girl, which is a good choice for girls in summer, and the fishbone braid makes the style more unique through braiding.

bangs braid

Braiding the front hair makes the whole look more refreshing, and the rainbow scorpion braid makes the look more unique. If you like it, learn it quickly.

Detailed diagram of bangs braided hair

Step 1: Take a small section of hair in the bangs and divide it into three parts.

Step 2: Start braiding: A hair bundle and B hair bundle cross first.

Step 3: The C tress is stacked on the A tress to the side of the B tress.

step 4: Then take a small bundle of hair D on the side.

Step 5: Combine the B and D strands together.

Step 6: Then stack the B+D hair bundles on the C hair bundles, in the direction of the A hair bundles. Then repeat steps 3 to 6 to braid to the temple on the other side, then fix it with hairpins or rubber bands, grab the other hair and you're done.

fishbone braids

The matching of Qi Liuhai's fishbone braids instantly enhances the fashionableness of the style and makes the girl's style more temperamental.

Diagram of braiding method of fishbone braid

Step 1: Center all the hair to the neck, tie it into a low ponytail with a rubber band, and then divide it into two parts.

Step 2: Take a small bundle of hair C from the edge of the A hair bundle and go towards the B hair bundle.

Step 3: Combine the C hair bundle with the B hair bundle.

Step 4: At the edge of the B+C hair bundle, go to the small hair bundle D and go in the direction of the A hair bundle.

Step 5: The hair bundle A is combined with the hair bundle D.

Step 6: Repeat steps 2 to 5, braid the hair to the end of the hair, fix it with a rubber band, and complete this simple and atmospheric fishbone braid shape.

After the sisters carefully look at the braiding method, do you think that bangs braiding and fishbone braids are not so difficult, you might as well give it a try. If you are not proficient at the beginning, the effect of editing may not be so good, but it will become better after you are proficient, so let's learn it quickly.

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